September 23, 2012
September 28, 2012
I'm told that the 9/23 message wasn't received by some.  I'm re-sending it with an update.

Wade's single, Is It Already Time, has been sent to radio

Contact your local station and request it.

This heart-baring song reveals Wade’s thoughts as he waited for test results to tell him how far his colon cancer had spread.Several members of the Sony/Columbia staff that fostered Wade’s early career have reunited to produce, promote, publicize, market and sell his new music for this worthy cause. They are donating their time and expertise.
It can be downloaded at most digital distribution sites, including and iTunes. Here is a direct link to the iTunes page.  All proceeds will benefit the Colon Cancer Alliance.
For more information you can find excellent in-depth articles at these sites:

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Former Columbia Staffers Re-Group To Help Their Old Friend Wade Hayes
All Access Music Group


Blue Highways TV - to air The Music Row Show

I hope your cable provider carries this station in your area.  Mine does not. At the Blue Highways site, you can enter your zip code and learn if you are able to view it.  Blue Highway TV
Wade at the Music Row ShowThe August 12th interview that Wade did with The Music Row Show hosts, Scott and Heino,  at the WSM-AM 650 studio in the Opryland Hotel was videoed for Blue Highways TV.  It was a 2 hour show; Wade was on the last half.
We stood in the hall outside the studio. The pictures aren't half bad, considering they were made on an iPhone through the glass wall. You can see them at
The audio of the show is this issue's SUBSCRIBER EXTRA.


Wade's Health
Fighting Stage IV colon cancer that has spread to the liver is a treacherous event.  At every step of the process - surgery - chemo - follow-up, Wade has exceeded the doctor's expectations, and they are high-fiving about his progress. He continues to get stronger and his blood numbers are improving as his liver is regenerating. The doctors have said he has a  healthy "Cadillac" liver." Since surgery left him with a one-quarter liver, it is especially comforting to know that it is continuing to improve. He is eager to be out there promoting the new single and performing. He knows and deeply appreciates that your prayers and support have been a strong part of his "miracle" progress. He continues to covet those prayers. 
Due to a malfunction in the last surgery, Wade is going to need another surgical procedure. He can't travel at this time.

Show Notes
Puckett's - August 11
I always enjoy the writer's night shows at Puckett's. It's an acoustic performance in a relaxed atmosphere, usually with 3 or 4 writers. Wade was the center writer this evening, with Kenny Beard on his right side and Ward Davis on his left. Kenny is a well-established writer and Ward is an up and coming one. Ward was a co-writer on Wade's Right Where I Want You. The writers take turns singing and usually giving some background information on the song. And Puckett's has great food, too! Lighting wasn't good, but we've put a few pictures up anyway. Puckett's Pics
Here's the playlist:

Don't Make Me Come to Tulsa
I Can't Get Close Enough to You
Is It Already Time?
I'm Getting' Too Old For This
Right Where I Want You 

Somewhere Lonely
So What If I Do
I Want a  Love
I Know Your Kind

My Second Home
Country Heart
If the World Had a Front Porch
Today a Lonely Fool
Where the Stars and Stripes and the Eagles Fly

25th Annual Pioneer Days - Eagleville, TN - September 8
Gorgeous day for an hour's drive from Nashville. Thank goodness the morning's rain had quit. We anticipated that we'd be in mud. It wasn't too bad because it was clay and the water drained off of it well. A goodly crowd was there of locals and fans of Wade who'd travelled to the show. I spotted friends from Missouri, Iowa, California, Georgia and South Carolina. 
Sound system problems made the show an hour late. It was well worth the wait.The stage was set up on a flat trailer and pulled by a huge semi-cab on to the spot where tractor pulls had been taking place most of the day. We were able to put lawn chairs right next to the stage or stand if we wished. Wade, as he usually does, had a very good band on stage with him. We could call it the 3 Kevins plus two - Kevin Ray on guitar, Kevin Smith on drums and Kevin "Swine" Grantt on bass plus Craig Delphia playing the fiddle - and Wade.
Here's the playlist:
Good Day to Go Crazy 
On a Good Night
The Day that She Left Tulsa
The Best Part 
What's a Broken Heart For You
God Made Me (to Love You) 
Don't Stop
What I Meant to Say
Orange Blossom Special - featuring Craig Delphia
Wichita Lineman
Is It Already Time?
I'm Getting' Too Old For This
I'm Still Dancin' with you
Old Enough to Know Better
Wade greeted individuals after the show. A great show - we would have loved more.
More Eagleville Pics

Colon Cancer Alliance

The alliance helps those families with living expenses, when medical expenses are leaving them strapped. It also funds cancer research. Wade has appeared on two of their benefit shows.

Those who might wish to contribute to the Colon Cancer Alliance in honor of Wade can do so at this site:
There are plans for a future concert to benefit the Colon Cancer Alliance. A major country act will join Wade for the event. No, I don't have details, yet. I'll let you know when I do.  ~ Helen

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Pics from Puckett's and the Eagleville Show

If you don't have this in your collection, your missing a real gem. listed it as one of its top 10 albums of 2009 - "the most underrated album of the year."

In their review - "With apologies to Yogi Berra, it’s time to rediscover Wade Hayes for the first time. Place To Turn Around is everything that is great about indie records. Imagine hanging around your favorite honkytonk bar and hearing an artist singing great neo-traditional country music with acoustic guitars, fiddle and steel and buying an album at the side of the stage following the performance. And then imagine that the artist you were listening wasn’t some unknown band, but a road-tested Nashville songwriter and musician with many hits under his belt. That is the experience of listening to Wade Hayes brand new album" ..  Read More
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Two cuts from the McHayes Album have been added to iTunes and
Wade and Mark McClurg teamed together for a short time as the duo McHayes. Their album, Lessons in Lonely,  was not released to the public. (A shame, really, there was some great music on it.) iTunes and have added two cuts from that project. It Doesn't Mean I Don't Love You, written by Trent Willmon, has Wade singing the lead and Mark doing the high harmony. The Wrong Kind of Right has Mark singing the lead and Wade doing the harmony.

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For early Wade Hayes archives visit Cheryl Hill's site. We appreciate the time and expertise that Cheryl has contributed over the years to feature Wade.

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Wade Hayes Appearance Details
Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012   CANCELLED
Dosey Doe's
The Windlands, TX  (Houston area)
Thursday, January 13, 2013
Dosey Doe's
The Windlands, TX  (Houston area)
Acoustic Show
8 pm
25911 Interstate 45 Frontage, Spring, TX‎
Dosey Doe's Site

Check with venues before travelling.