July 16, 2012

Country Weekly Features Wade

Country Weekly Cvr
Wade gets the superstar treatment in this week's Country Weekly magazine (July 23rd). Besides the cover, there's a 4 page spread inside with some great new photos taken especially for the magazine. Wade tells the story of his battle with cancer in a forthright, open manner. He has a mission: to save others from what he's going through; to encourage others to not ignore symptoms as he did, but to seek testing.
When Wade left the doctor on a very sobering day last November, he made it to his truck and sat pondering the words of his doctor - "We'll get the tests on Thursday; then we'll know how much it's spread." How do you deal with that kind of news? Wade started a song right then that laid out, for all to hear, the heavy thoughts that were running through his mind.  Country Weekly went into the studio as he was cutting the song. They've posted a video interview on their site of that event. They have also provided a link for a free download of the song, "Is it Already Time?" I know you'll want to hear his heartfelt message. And the more downloads, the more likely the song will get to radio. Do I hear you thinking that you'll get all your family and friends to download it?
Country Weekly Video Interview

Free Download "Is it Already Time?
Other media outlets are picking up this story. I've seen links on Great American Country, various newspapers, Nuts About County site.  I'm sure there will be more.

Wade Finishes Chemo
Wade's 12th and final round of chemo was completed June 25 - 27th. The next big day will be July 23rd - a day of tests to see if he's still cancer free and hopefully to get the port removed. Please keep him in your prayers. This enemy has a way of sneaking back in.
The week before that last chemo, he moved to his new place - a small farm that's been his dream for years. He has 11 acres and he's talking about getting cows and chickens. His dog, Jack, is already enjoying it. Between moving and chemo, he went to St. Jude's with Randy Owen to play for their 50th anniversary celebration and squeezed in a photoshoot for Country Weekly.
And he remains positive, "They say my odds are up to 50/50. I can do 50/50."
He's eager to get his place in shape and get back to writing.
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Colon Cancer Alliance

The alliance helps those families with living expenses, when medical expenses are leaving them strapped. Wade has appeared on two of their benefit shows.

Those who might wish to contribute to the Colon Cancer Alliance in honor of Wade can do so at this site:
There are plans for a future concert to benefit the Colon Cancer Alliance. A major country act will join Wade for the event. No, I don't have details, yet. I'll let you know when I do.  ~ Helen

Wade Featured on Ashley Mann's "The Nashville Buzz" on WSM-FM on 7/16th
Wade was "buzzed" by Ashley Mann on WSM-FM 95.5 bright and early this morning, July 16th, on a segment called "The Nashville Buzz." You can catch the 2 minute interview here. Ashley included more information in her blog.

Wade Interviewed by Alana Conaway for Taste of Country Site
Alana has posted several articles on Wade's progress in his battle with cancer. For this one, she was able to sit down with him and conduct a longer interview.

"Wade Hayes Says Cancer Battle Has Helped Make Him a Better Man"

WOWW! Subscriber Extra
This month's subscriber extra is a studio recording of a song that is unreleased and more than likely won't ever be released by Wade. The reason - after Wade made his recording - a major artist covered it, released it as a single and parlayed it into an award winning video. Wade was encouraged to cut this by one of the writers, his friend Wynn Varble. I'm not telling you the title here. I think you will enjoy Wade's version of this song that was a big hit for someone else.
Link to WOWW! Subscriber Extra

Wade During CMA Music Fest Week
Fortunately, the week of CMA Music Fest was an off week for chemotherapy for Wade and he was able to participate in several events. The week was bracketed by events in Alabama with Randy Owen, including a Muscle Shoals to Music Row program and a week later, Randy’s fan party at his farm.

In Nashville, Wade participated in the big Nashville Navy show on Tuesday evening. Time management was a problem. Early acts each performed 3 songs. When the final round of stars (Trent Willmon, Keith Anderson, Chuck Wicks, Wade and Mark Wills) got their turn, there was only time left for 2 songs each. Wade did “Old Enough to Know Better”and “On a Good Night.” Wade received long and loud standing applause when he came onstage. Wade remained and signed and did pictures with all who came back to see him.

Wednesday night Wade brought his extraordinary guitar skills to The Rutledge to be part of a video taping with Trent Willmon. Wade played an exciting lead “blues” guitar on Trent’s “Louisiana Rain.”

Thursday was Celebrity Roping Time at Judge Bean’s Vinegarroon restaurant. While the roping contests were taking place in back of the restaurant, the stage in the front of the restaurant hosted several musical acts. Wade opened with “I’m Gettin’ Too Old for This,” followed by “I’m a Wrecking Ball.” Neither has been recorded. After performing “God Made Me (to Love You)” and “On a Good Night,” he asked Megan Sheehan to join him on stage to do “You’re the Reason God Made Oklahoma.” By request, Wade did “Wichita Lineman,” followed by “Good Day to Go Crazy” and “Old Enough to Know Better.” Wade would have closed there, but Judge Aubrey had a special request. Since it was his birthday, Wade was glad to oblige with “Every Time I Give the Devil a Ride (He Wants to Drive.)”

It was good to see Wade have a strong week to get to play with his friends and meet and greet with many fans.
Click here for pics.

Songwriter's Night at Lucy's Country Kitchen - Wed., July 18



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CMA Week 2012

If you don't have this in your collection, your missing a real gem. ThatNashvilleSound.com listed it as one of its top 10 albums of 2009 - "the most underrated album of the year."

In their review - "With apologies to Yogi Berra, it’s time to rediscover Wade Hayes for the first time. Place To Turn Around is everything that is great about indie records. Imagine hanging around your favorite honkytonk bar and hearing an artist singing great neo-traditional country music with acoustic guitars, fiddle and steel and buying an album at the side of the stage following the performance. And then imagine that the artist you were listening wasn’t some unknown band, but a road-tested Nashville songwriter and musician with many hits under his belt. That is the experience of listening to Wade Hayes brand new album" ..  Read More
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Two cuts from the McHayes Album have been added to iTunes and Amazon.com
Wade and Mark McClurg teamed together for a short time as the duo McHayes. Their album, Lessons in Lonely,  was not released to the public. (A shame, really, there was some great music on it.) iTunes and Amazon.com have added two cuts from that project. It Doesn't Mean I Don't Love You, written by Trent Willmon, has Wade singing the lead and Mark doing the high harmony. The Wrong Kind of Right has Mark singing the lead and Wade doing the harmony.
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Wade Hayes Appearance Details
Wade has suspended travel and appearances while he's treated for cancer. He is now up to making short term performing schedules for the week that he doesn't have chemotherapy.