REACTOR #4: Vulnerable to a New Earthquake/Tsunami Considered "70% Likely" in Next 4 Years...... All of Us..... In Harm's Way... Please Assist IAHF in Alerting More People to This Threat and to the Need to Take Proactive Measures for Self Protection! We aren't seeing this information on the evening news because powerful people are trying to cull our numbers...As horrible as this is, its better to know the full truth and be able to take measures to protect ourselves than to not know and be taken out by cancer, heart attack, stroke that we CAN PREVENT!
IAHF List: Please watch this chilling 12 minute documentary "Dial M for Meltdown" and read the article accompanying it which indicates that Secretary of State Clinton and Barack Obama are willful participants in the planned genocide of the American people by signing a shocking treaty just after the Fukushima happened to allow for the continued importation of food products from Japan to the USA that have never been inspected for radiation....
(The video is in the sidebar of the article, here.) It was made by Arnie Gunderson, a former nuclear industry vice president who has a Masters degree in nuclear engineering in an effort to warn future generations, should our species survive this madness, of the immense danger of nuclear power.)
From this we see that residents of Tokyo are inhaling an average of 10 "hot" particles per day, while residents of west coast US cities such as Los Angeles and Seattle are inhaling 5 "hot" particles per day. The amount of radiation from Fukushima is equivalent to 300 Chernobyls...
Cesium attaches to muscle cells, including heart cells and is causing a huge increase in heart attacks, including heart attacks in young, otherwise healthy athletes who do a lot of cycling and running outdoors. (The heart only replaces 1-2% of cells per year, so it's very vulnerable to radioactivity as we inhale radionucleides.)
If you aren't taking organic sulfur twice a day to protect yourself from radiation, I urge you to, and unless you don't mind attending a lot of funeral services, I urge you to alert friends, neighbors and family because they won't learn of this on the news.
From "Dial M for Meltdown" we see that there has been a documented 35% increase in infant mortality between March 11th and June 18th immediately after the disaster, but we also see that the threat is ongoing because Japan has done nothing to contain the damaged reactors as happened after Chernobyl when brave Russian soldiers sacrificed their lives to pick up damaged fuel rods with their hands and to build a steel sarcophagus around the melted down reactor to contain the fallout within it....The melting down fuel rods are contaminating the groundwater, the ocean, the air....
Gunderson warns of radioactive air, water, soil, straw.... which is burned.... carrying more radioactivity on the wind all over the Northern Hemisphere... Japan has been burning tons of radioactive waste.... and we're getting the fallout over here as they kick the can down the road....
Scientist Leuren Monet has documented more than 100,000 excess American deaths since the Fukushima disaster based on CDC data. She discusses how this has impacted all parts of the USA in this youtube which I encourage you to watch, because you won't see this on the TV news.
I am outraged that Hilary Clinton signed a Treaty with Japan allowing untested food products to be imported to the US from Japan in the absence of any evidence of safety. Please join me in calling your Senators and Congressmen to complain via the US Congress Switchboard through which you can reach any member of Congress at 1-877-SOB-USOB
Please demand to know what they intend to do about this outrageous and intolerable situation!
An abundance of studies in Pub Med indicate that Sulfur protects us from the toxic effects of radiation. See: 

Sulfur compounds in therapy: radiation-protective agents, amphetamines, and mucopolysaccharide sulfation.

Radiation-induced reductive modifications of sulfur-containing amino acids within peptides and proteins.

Several other references found at this link.
Please alert family and friends to these threats and to this information, otherwise a lot of people are going to be dying young from totally preventable heart attacks, strokes, and cancer.
Also See the information about vitamin C and its protective effects as documented by the Japanese Association of Intravenous Therapists who generated an alert to the world via the Orthomolecular News Service which you can see in this IAHF alert.
At this map we see how air currents travel globally..... radioactive fallout from Japan is now all over the world and its still being emitted. Young, healthy athletes are dying from unexpected heart attacks. Some are being caused by Fukushima radiation.
Please forward this information widely, help combat the controlled media! You will never learn the truth on the evening news! If you aren't set up for autoshipping sulfur- it's a very good thing to think about now, because this radiation isn't letting up!
They're burning more and more radioactive debris in Japan all the times, and they'll be burning radioactive rice fields, these melting down reactors aren't contained inside a Sarcophagus the way the one at Chernobyl was, and experts have reported a 70% chance of another earthquake hitting the Tokyo area within the next 4 years. Reactor #4 is very vulnerable to total collapse! You might also think about ordering 10 or more pounds to get wholesale pricing of $32/ pound so you can get extra to share with family members and friends! To place a wholesale order, use this paypal link.