Site Rep News
 October 2018

Dear Site Rep,
At the Site Reps meeting a couple of months back I was asked if I could provide the 'crib sheet' which a few Site Reps were recommending and using. If you want it, you can download it and print it here
There was also a question about which of the cities allotment sites are statutory sites and which are not. Statutory sites have a greater degree of protection. You can read more about the distinction here

This is the list the Council supplied us with a couple of years ago.

Allotment sites
Statutory allotment sites
1.   Camp Site
2.   Craven Vale
3.   Craven Estate
4.   Eastbrook
5.   Foredown (including limited mobility)
6.   Keston
7.   Lark Hill
8.   Lower Roedale
9.   Mile Oak
10. North Nevill
11. Patcham Court
12. Roedale Valley
13. St. Louie Home
14. Whitehawk Hill
15. Walpole Road
16. Weald (including limited mobility)
Non Statutory allotment sites
1.   Charltons
2.   Chates Farm Court
3.   Coldean (including limited mobility)
4.   Falmer
5.   Hildesland
6.   Hogg’s Platt
7.   Hogg’s Platt Extension
8.   Horsdean
9.   Lower Bevendean
10. Manton Road
11. Moulsecoomb Estate
12. Moulsecoomb Place
13. Old Waterworks (Southern Water)
14. Ovingdean
15. Pankhurst Avenue (Southern Water)
16. Peacock Lane
17. Race Hill
18. St. Mark’s
19. Tenantry Down
20. Thompson Road
21. Waverley Crescent
22. Windmill Hill

Best Regards,
Mark Carroll
BHAF Chairman

Brighton and Hove Allotment Federation