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for South-East Europe, 5-7 April 2016, Sofia, Bulgaria

Is South-East Europe a ready-market-place for the lift industry?

The sector in the Region responds to the growing urbanization and interest in more sustainable construction. LiftBalkans is the only specialized event in the vertical industry featuring international companies. The reason to organize the event every 2 years is our aim to re-create a full-blooded picture of the market and to help the business push forward in line with customers’ expectations.
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Which factors reflect on the development of the Lift Industry in SE Europe?
 There is a significant growth in the construction of high quality residential and office buildings during the last few years.
A large number of obsolete elevators within existing buildings have to be replaced with new installations. Most of the public buildings and subways do not provide accessible environment for handicapped people and in SE Europe there is an increasing demand for disabled access solutions.
 The ageing of the population will increase the use of vertical transport.
 The legal framework defined by the EU institutions is vital for the lift industry and has to be implemented by the relevant national authorities. 
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EPSA is a non-profit making organisation that was founded in London in 1999, initially by 24 European companies. There has been a healthy growth in membership with EPSA represented in 11 countries and products distributed throughout Europe. 
Lift Vision represents the Turkish companies that are export-oriented. It is published in 41 countries covering North Africa, Middle East, Eurasia and Balkans. It acts as a gate which opens opportunities for local producers seeking for foreign markets. Lift Vision is published once every three months and its distribution number is around two thousand. It provides the industrialists the opportunity to compete with competitors on a world scale and ensure possibilities to enter a target market.  
The Elevatori magazine, is one of the leading international journals in the vertical transportation industry. Today Elevatori is recognised by the vertical transportation operators as the leader from the technical viewpoint.
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