Library Minyan of Temple Beth Am   
December 2014
 The Minyan Monthly
From the Rosh
This month I would like to remind everyone what it takes for the Library Minyan to carry on so smoothly and consistently. We have an intricate net of coordinators who help make it all happen. Our gabbai coordinator ensures there is a gabbai for each week, and helps recruit, train, and advise them. Then each gabbai recruits people and orchestrates most parts of the service. Torah and Haftorah reading, greeter, mishna study, and dvar torah are each arranged by a separate coordinator. Kiddush and special simcha planning also have leads. All of these people are volunteers who contribute their time and talent for the good of the community. To see their names and contract information go to the gabbai calendar on our web page:
Then there are all of you who volunteer to perform all the roles for each service. Each week the mix is different, we hear and follow different voices, and that is part of the beauty of Library Minyan. Thank you to all who contribute to this marvelous symphony. 
— Carl Sunshine
DPL News
Our fifth annual Shabbat potluck dinner event will take place on January 9. It's a chance to get acquainted with people we see across the room but don't really know, and share a great meal.
Ten hosting individuals or families will open their homes to 6-10 guests each. After you enroll as a guest, a host will make contact about two weeks before the dinner — to communicate the start time and discuss what you can contribute to the meal.
To sign up, click this link and fill out the form. Please indicate if you are ok driving or will be walking (and how far you're willing to walk). Also be sure to indicate if you are vegetarian and if you have food or animal allergies, as well as the ages of children who will participate. Guests will be enrolled on a first-come, first-served basis. Please sign up ASAP, and not later than December 24.
Our Melaveh Malkah Ice-Cream Social event has been postponed to Saturday night, February 14. Please save the date.
The Diaspora Potluck Committee (DPL) thanks our Sukkah Walk host families: Miriam Prum Hess and Mark Hess, and Rachel Rubin Green and Norm Green. Participants at the October event all enjoyed delicious food and great conversation.
— Rebecca Friedman & Dafna Taryle
Social Action
Three projects within "The Giving Spirit" are planned for December in conjunction with B'nai David-Judea. 
December 7, 1-4 pm — Meet at B'nai David-Judea on Pico near Robertson for the first project within this series. Participants will put together 2000 sub-assemblies that will go into kits for the homeless. RSVP to
December 11, 7-10:30 pm — The second packing project will take place at Brentwood Presbyterian Church. Participants will organize and take inventory of the items included in the kits. Register at; click on "register for an outreach."
December 14, 10:30 am-2:00 pm — Meet at Brentwood Presbyterian Church for the final stage in this project as people fan out to distribute the survival kits.  Register at, and also notify Albie Cohen of BDJ at
For more information, contact Albie Cohen or Dianne Shershow at
In addition, please note the upcoming TBA-One LA Meeting on Wednesday, December 10, at TBA , 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm. You are invited to learn more about One LA including current issues: access to healthcare, preventing gun violence, concerns of baby boomers, improved transportation, and our own community concerns. For more info or to RSVP contact Dianne Shershow at (323) 951-4910 or
—Dianne Shershow
Coordinators' Corner
Hi! I am the greeter coordinator for the Library Minyan. I get people to serve as greeters every Shabbat morning at services from 9:45 until Torah service, and from 9:30 when we read Hallel. If you would like to greet and I haven't asked you, please send me an email ( For the people who always greet, thank you very much.
A greeter stands outside in the hallway by the chapel. They wish people "Shabbat Shalom" and welcome newcomers as well as old timers. Everyone likes a smile when they get to shul. The greeter also can tell people where the restroom is, where child care meets, and if other minyanim are happening where those services are being held.

—Sharon Grob
Lecture Series
Rabbi Adam Kligfeld will present the second "Teach a Text you Love and why you Love It" lecture on Shabbat, December 6 after an extended kiddush. He will focus on two Talmudic texts that present "Differing Responses to Destruction: the Nexus of Ego and Faith."
Future lectures in this series will take place on January 17, February 14, and March 21, featuring Rabbis Gordon Bernat-Kunin, Ari Lucas, and Hillary Chorny respectively.
—Rachel Green
Ritual Committee Meeting
There will be an open meeting of the Library Minyan Ritual Committee on January 18, 2015 at 4pm, with the location to be confirmed in the coming weeks. On the agenda will be a review of services on the High Holidays, Sukkot and Simhat Torah, and planning for Pesach. If you would like to add anything to the agenda, email Bob Braun at
— Bob Braun
Mishna study 9:20
Tefillot begin 9:45
Temple Beth Am
Dorff-Nelson Chapel
1039 S. La Cienega Blvd, 90035
The Library Minyan of Temple Beth Am, 1039 S. La Cienega Blvd 90035