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  Decemberish 2010
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This month: Mobile phone safety, Santa Vids and stuff
Free teaching resources and vids from Home Office and MICAF to prevent mobile phone theft
According to research carried out by the Home Office:
  • Children of school age are five times more likely than adults to become victims of mobile phone theft.
  • 48% of all victims are under the age of 18.
  • One third of all robberies involve a mobile phone only.
  • The peak age for offenders in this type of crime is 16.
The ‘Out Of Your Hands‘ site has been set up to educate young people about responsible mobile usage, prompting them to consider the impact of mobile phone crime. This can be done through a range of PSHE, Citizenship, Literacy and ICT curricula linked resources that are available to download from the teacher’s area of their site. Also videos.
Click here to access free resources for teachers
Hilarious! Make an instant video for your colleagues (or child!) from Santa!
This is really good fun. You can do it for toddlers, children and adults! It incorporates images etc so it really personalises the message. Did one for my John (16) who thought it was great! He did one for me which brought a tear to my eye. Bless.
Couple of other things worth a look.
Free online video editing - - pretty cool!
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives -
Great quote from Russian President Medvedev in his speech mentioned on BBC:
 "On education, he said it was unacceptable for teachers to lag behind their own pupils in their knowledge of Information Communication."
Some say that the mention of new technologies in the new white paper is very thin on the ground if not invisible.
Family News
Can it really be another year? This is the year I went self-employed as a consultant for e-learning, marketing and website usability. We're still here after 5 months! Praise God. John is now in his last year of secondary school and is doing his GCSE's before going on to college. He's decided he wants to go to Cambridge to study Maths, good for him, no idea how he's going to get there mind you but there must be a way. Lizzie 13, is becoming a young lady and packs a fair punch, she was at a sports event today doing shot put and running, she has a grade 2 singing exam in December so I hope she does well, I hope she practices!  James 10 is getting on better at school, I think he's sort of dumbed himself down but he's surviving which is a good thing. He was telling me all the different ways of taking drugs this evening, I asked he where he learnt it and he said he got it all from books. He's such smart cookie! Fiona, my better half, has been told her job will no longer exist by next August, she's a parent support advisor. She deals with really difficult cases around the estate here, I mean really, really difficult if you know what I mean. The estate has 69% unemployment with 3 and 4th generations on benefits. The fact we live on the estate makes all the difference, it's not someone from the "outside" coming in telling people what to do.
Colleagues, have a great Christmas, and never underestimate the work you do. Children will remember, think and talk about you until they grow old and tell their grand children about you as well. I wish you all the best this Christmas!