I can easily recall the harsh, cold, wet, and icy days of the past winter when I thought it would never end...guess what? June has arrived in full splendor and summer is not just a visitor, she is here to stay, at least for her allotted time.

Everything at Sage Hill is not in its perfect balance this month, although still a notch above great.

Due to much heavy rain during the spring when planting is a must, many crops got washed away and had to be replanted.

This makes the growing season a bit behind where it should be, but that is one fact of farm life; stuff can happen, and does happen, so we look for the plus and reschedule our actions to make something good from less than what we ordered.

A good thing...beautiful cucumbers, squash, and lots of salad greens. Corn, beans, okra, tomatoes, melons and peppers still to come.

Life is good ~


Well, what I can be certain of about herbs: they flourish regardless of the weather. Herbs have such a connection to the deeper earth that allows them to follow their own path of growth.

If they could speak “human" they would say..." plant me and leave me alone...please."

You know how much better a child functions if we have straight forward guidelines, give them the proper tools, and then allow them to grow...

Well, herbs are like children in many ways.

They don't respond well to pampering.
If they revolt, something major is missing in their basic needs.

Just like our children they respond to what we offer them as work tools.

So, with that being said and understood, when starting an herb garden, know the basics and start with a good foundation.

I've had a number of requests for help this month.

One it too late to start an herb bed? My answer is no. Most herbs will find their own level of survival regardless the time of year.

They grow very quickly once they get a good start. To get a good start they need good soil (not soil with a lot of rich and harsh additives) but, healthy composted soil from nature. Good drainage is a must; raised beds will give them that. Not too much water, they are very drought tolerant. And above all else, they need plenty of sun and natural light. No less than 6 hours of sun every day, and 8 is better.

While herbs are an easy crop to grow, maintain, and harvest, there are still things to know. Nothing compares to education from the ground up. (Literally)

Become a follower of my website and blog, read the articles and ask questions if you need more explanation of a certain step. In short time you will be delighted in all you have mastered.


Patricia (Pat) Allen is a warm and beautiful lady who lives life and works her business from the heart and spirit. You'll get more than a special writing instrument when you enter Pats world of networking.

Anne Schrock is another lady and business high on my list of “must haves." Anne is the owner of La'NE" enterprises...."Healthier Skin Naturally." A company worth knowing about.

JUDY MCGARY is my best friend and close neighbor. She and hubby John have a beautiful and prosperous CSA farm. While all of their business is local to Tennessee and Alabama, (no mail order) it's a great place to visit on the web and gain good and correct information about "Organics."

KEVIN OWENS is a man of great talent, experience and actions, all revolving around the education and safety of our children on the internet and off.
What greater resource do we have control of for our future than those of our children. To become healthy and strong adults that forge the paths to the next generation after them, healthy and safe learning tools are a must.

Please get involved in a promotional way that will call attention to what our world so badly needs.... MORE protection for our children. Kevin is available for any information you might wish to know about this program.

I am involved in working to get it into the Tennessee school system; you can do the same in your state.



Fill 1/2 gallon container (glass) with cool water.
Fill a tea bag with 4 Tablespoons of Sage Hill Farms herbal tea blend. (any choice) I like the Sage Hill House blend. (Lemon Balm and Peppermint)
Loosely cover the container and place in the sun for 2-3 hours.

Strain if needed before serving.

(If you like it sweet add 1/4 teaspoon of Stevia to the tea before or after it brews.)

Serve over crushed or cube ice.
Garnish with lemon slices, mint leaves, or a big fat strawberry.

*If you don't have press close tea bags you can use a small square of cheesecloth - place tea mix in center of cloth and tie with a small length of kitchen twine.

A PS NOTE FROM SAGE HILL FARMS We are working steady at getting the new edition of the website ready to go "live". Another week at the most; it will be worth waiting for I promise.

Sage Hill Farms is also working on an e-book for the Complete Herb Gardener...available in August - in time for planning the coming year.

Thanks to my most talented VA and totally right hand accomplice: Vanessa Shelton at I would not function without her talents and time.

Thank you Vanessa for all you do and do so well.

Happy Summer~

“Attention and intention are the most powerful tools of our Spiritual being. Use them to bring your project of life to its full potential.”

Bea Kunz