A special off-season email blast to let you know Dyngus Day Boston is back for it's third year! To celebrate The Tavern at the End of the World is turning into the Polish capital of New England for an evening of Polish music, food, drink, and a spontaneous water gun battle in the bar. The event is family friendly (kids welcome!), and a great chance to see fellow WNY’ers during the Bills offseason.

We’ll have:
- Polka Music
- Polish Food Buffet
- Sobieski vodka drinks
- Polish Beers including Zywiec, Tyskie, and Okocim
- Pussywillow branches and water guns will be provided! (we’ve had water gun battles break out the past two years, it’s a lot of fun!)

Here's the info:

Monday April 6, 4pm-close...

The Tavern at the End of the World
Address: 108 Cambridge St, Charlestown, MA
website: http://www.tavernattheendoftheworld.com/

on the T? take the Orange line to Sullivan Square - less than 5 min walk to the bar
driving? they have FREE PARKING in a lot behind the bar

Invite your friends!!! You don't have to be polish or a Bills fan to join. The more the merrier! Here's a link to our facebook invite:

Still confused on what Dyngus Day is? Don't worry, we've got the info. Here's some FAQ's:
What is Dyngus Day?
Short answer is it's a Polish holiday that originally celebrated the end of Lent and the birth of spring. It's now evolved into a cultural celebration of all things Polish, and occurs every year on the Monday after Easter. Here's some more info: http://www.dyngusday.com/whatisdyngusday.html#!our-story/cjg9

Why are we throwing a Dyngus Day Party?
As the "Dyngus Day Capital of the World", Buffalo has become synonymous with the holiday in the US, so we're looking to bring the tradition and fun to Boston. Plus it's a chance for WNYers to gather and not be bummed out by the Sabres blowing a 2 goal lead or the Bills choking away a game. You can't frown while listening to Polka music.

I'm not Polish, can i celebrate?
Of course! Just like everyone is Irish on St Patty's day, everyone is Polish on Dyngus Day! Just add a "-ski" onto the end of your last name and you're good to go!

What's this about water guns and pussywillow branches?
So historically the end of lent and the Easter holiday were associated with the rebirth of baptism (water) and growth of spring (pussywillow buds), and both became part of the Dyngus Day tradition. It's evolved into the spraying of water guns and tapping of branches between boys and girls.

Where else can you drink beer, dance to polka and squirt water guns at people?? So invite your friends, and come joint the fun!

Na zdrowie!
-Bills Backers of Boston