Richard Herring Newsletter
June 2018
GDPR - does it affect this mail-out? No idea
I guess if you stop getting the emails and still want them then you'll have to resubscribe. I am doing nothing with your data.  I may occasionally look at it and pleasure myself, but that's not doing anyone any harm.
I am hoping to shut up my comedy shop for July and August, so may not email you for a little while.
Here's what's happening before I retire to a summer of parenting and boozing (simultaneously)
Thanks to everyone who has come to the tour so far. It's been a 100+ or 100% crowd at everywhere except Scarborough, where 87 people showed up. But they were a great 87.
And there were 400+ people the next day in Leeds and 750 the day after that in London, so it averages out OK.
The DVD record went really well and there will be a very limited number of discs for sale in November if you didn't secure yours via the kickstarter (rewards will be sent out when the DVDs are ready).
Here's your 7 chances to see the show.
26th Bristol (8 tickets left)
27th Wells
Also doing a RHLSTP in Wells (SOLD OUT)
6th Warwick Arts Centre (20 tickets left)
I am looking forward to the end of this now, but really enjoying the shows still. I will be taking a break from full on touring (though still taking gigs when they come up) and am not doing the Edinburgh Fringe this year.
I have nearly finished the new Emergency Questions book, which will feature 1001 questions (300 classics from the first two books and 700 new ones)
Or wait a bit and preorder from gofasterstripe. It'd be much better if Chris Evans (not that one. Or that one) got your money. Ian Amazon has loads)
The Al Murray podcast has just gone up, with My Dad Wrote A Porno and Mark Steel to come and then audio specials from the Machynlleth and Wells Comedy Festivals. Then some time off until September.
Thanks for all the support for series 13. It's been the best of the bunch I think. Thanks to all the badger and Dripsters who paid for it. We will probably need to do another kickstarter campaign for series 14 though!
You can watch here
(also on iTunes)
Or listen at the British Comedy Guide
or iTunes
Series 14 starts recording on September 24th - one of my absolute favourite writers is coming over from America to do the first show. I can guarantee you it will be an awesome show, but have high hopes for some amazing bookings.
And if you want to help us make even more podcasts, and get festooned with amazing extras including all the RHLSTP backstage interviews, downloads of all my stand up shows, exclusive video question and answer sessions, entry into a monthly prize draw PLUS find out the RHLSTP guests before everyone else then why not become a Dripster
You'd be paying less than a pound a week in return for 365 blogs and about 40 RHLSTPS.
If you want pretty much all of that, but not the stand up shows (not sure if you'll get the Q and A sessions either) then set your own price and become a monthly badger.
This is very much an either/or choice with whichever package suits you best.
Thankfully the recording date of this keeps getting pushed back due to actor availability. I have done three of the four scripts, but we won't be recording it until July now, so I have time to rewrite and get the fourth one finished!

House of Games
The new series of House of Games starts next week, every week day at 6pm on BBC2. I am competing one of the weeks. Not sure when it will be broadcast, but my guess is late June/early July. There is another trophy up for grabs. Can I fail to win it again, as usual? Watch this space. No don't. Watch the TV. When it's on.
  This is how my daughter chose to redecorate one of my show programmes. I am mildly scared of her. But also hoping that she's the next Francis Bacon.
Thanks for reading