Award Winning Dutch Lessons            (May)/ June/ July 2013



Who needs spring?


Today, one of my students couldn’t remember the Dutch word for spring (lente). We all laughed, because: who needs that word with this kind of weather!


So I decided to just skip spring and invite the summer right away!

How can we do that?


1) Join our summer” Walk&Talk on June 6th (Huizen, 13:30 - ?, 6k, €10,- + your own beverages at the “après walk”). Bring your sunglasses to confuse the clouds that may appear by mistake! Transportation from Naarden-Bussum train station can be arranged.


2) Sing the song about the seasons (in the clip, go to 14:25 min, that’s where the song starts). You can find the complete song text here.


3) Prepare your garden/balcony for summer: if you spend €25,- at Tuincentrum Ruizendaal in Bussum AND say the magical words: “Ik lees de nieuwsbrief van Learn Dutch Fast”, you’ll get 10 colourful summer plants for free! (Ends July 1st or when the plants are no longer available)


4) Have a look at the schedule for the Dutch courses this summer. Of course, the lessons will be outside as much as possible. All levels of the immersion courses qualify as “Bildungsurlab Hessen”. This is important for clients from Germany, because now their Dutch lessons will be paid for by their company.


Enjoy your summer!



Met vriendelijke groet,


Sylvia Clements


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