Joy Manifested on Black Writers Read!
Check out the podcast or video of Lisbeth White's recent visit to Black Writers Read. Hosted and produced by performance poet, playwright, pop culture critic, and educator Nicole M. Young-Martin, Black Writers Read showcases, celebrates, and honors the words, work, and traditions of Black writers from across the country, across genres, across experiences and across
the African Diaspora. Perugia Press was honored to be in
collaboration with Black Writers Read for this event.


 Editor/Director Rebecca Olander on Writers' Block 

Editor/Director Rebecca Olander talked with Megan Rubiner Zinn on her "Writers' Block" segment on the "Talk the Talk" radio show hosted by Bill Newman & Buz Eisenberg on WHMP earlier this month. Take a listen to the segment (less than 20 min, starts at 1:34:30) in which she reads a poem from her book and talks teaching poetry, working with Perugia to publish and promote women poets, Perugia's forthcoming book The Book Eaters by Carolina Hotchandani, and more!

Emerging BIWOC Poet Spotlight

May 2023 Poet: Maya Marshall

Photo by Ashley Kaushinger
Girl Secrets in Her Own Cocoon
To have a door! The back of which she could
wake to, smile at, brush her girl lips and hips
against. At night, she’d sit cross-legged
on the floor, press her knees to the door’s face.
In her room, she’d deny her mother
entry, adorn herself in costume jewels
and pick her hair out round. She’d say yes
to her own face, neither too dark nor too much her
daddy’s. In her mirror, she’d perfect her
smile—with teeth, without—smack her lips,
play woman without her mother’s boyfriend
telling her feed me a little a this
fish. She’d take her cue from Martha Reeves,
jerk and gyrate. She wouldn’t need nowhere to run

From All the Blood Involved in Love (Haymarket Books, 2022).

To read more about this poet and her work, check out our blog.

* Perugia Poet News *
Perugia poet Lisbeth White wrote a "Poet's Platform" blog post for us about her new project, the book Poetry as Spellcasting: Poems, Essays, and Prompts for Manifesting Liberation and Reclaiming Power, that she co-edited with Tamiko Beyer & Destiny Hemphill.

from her Perugia book Red, was used as a lens to meditate
on the changing season in a beautiful piece by Elizabeth
Bradfield in the Provincetown Independent, inviting us
"to consider the beauty of attention itself."

Patricia Smith for Poetry.LA:
Lynne Thompson & Patricia Smith
for Flapper Press by Annie Newcomer about writing and researching her latest book, My Brother Speaks in Dreams:
Of Family, Beauty & Belonging (Wising Up Press). It's a lovely
piece featuring conversation, creative excerpts & photographs.
is in the latest Orion magazine.

Perugia poet Abby E. Murray's poem "Heirloom"
was the May Poem of the Month at Mom Egg Review.
Perugia poet L.I. Henley's essay "On the Subject of
Bearing and 'Other Options'" was published
in the newest issue of The Cincinnati Review
and chosen for the Robert and Adele Schiff Award!
Perugia poet Gail Thomas & Editor/Director Rebecca Olander attended the Mass Poetry Fest earlier this month in Salem, womaning the table at the Small Press Fair and participating 
 in the reading "Memory & Desire: Poetry of Mid-Life"
 with poet and Perugia volunteer Jennifer Martelli:

Gail Thomas & Rebecca Olander

Rebecca Olander, Gail Thomas & Jennifer Martelli
PO Box 60364, Florence, MA  01062