Richard Herring Newsletter
February 2017
I Just Want to be on Telly
So how's it going for you so far? At least we're still alive, which given all that's going on is quite an achievement.
Whatever happens in the world, we still need comedy. Until it is stamped out by the psychopathic egotists in charge of us all. I am happy to die for the cause of jokes about sexcrement.
Here's all I've got going on. It's a bit too much to be honest
Final (ever?) AIOTM
The sixth recording of our over ambitious internet stand up and skethc show is on February 12th. Tickets are selling really well, so  buy them soon if you want to come. Looks like it might be a sell out, which is lucky as we need the door money to pay for the last few sketches that we're filming
There is also a secret channel where you will see extra bits and bobs, backstage interviews, behind the scenes footage, longer versions of sketches and episodes and get to view the completed shows before anyone else (with bonus material). If you contributed £15 or more to the kickstarter you get this anyway. If not then pay £15 and get it here. As you'll see there are also surplus AIOTM DVDs, badges and T shirts (available whilst stocks last). All the money from these gets ploughed back into making more sketches.
And don't forget you can already listen to five bonus audio AIOTM podcasts (with one more to come) here or on iTunes. Farage in the Garage seems to be the stand out hit of the audio series. This podcast contains completely different material to the videos (which we're hoping will be out around Easter.
The Best
My Best of tour properly kicks off in February and runs through to June. Ticket sales seem solid and it's already sold out in Sutton Coldfield, Selby, Edinburgh and Bristol, so don't leave it til the last minute. The February London run is also heading towards selling out, so we've added three more dates in June at the Leicester Square Theatre.
But here are the February gigs
6th Feb Sutton Coldfield (SOLD OUT)
22nd Feb Bristol (SOLD OUT)
25th Feb Selby (SOLD OUT)
Everything Happens For No Reason
We are filming the ten minute taster tape of this new sitcom about parallel universes THIS WEEKEND. There's a really brilliant cast - starring me as the main character "Disgruntled Diner" and some other amazing comedy actors. Alas this short film is only for the eyes of the Channel 4 Executives who will decide its fate. But I have high hopes. The script seems solid and the performances have been really good in rehearsals and it's a really interesting idea. I just want to be on telly.... I will let you know if we get a series. The good news is that if they like the taster tape then that's the next step.
I have written three of the four episodes for this Radio 4 sitcom and again there are some very exciting names in the frame to play the family members. I will have a proper named role in this one and we're recording it in March and it will be coming out over the summer. I think it's shaping up really well.
Happy Now? DVD
You can now get my last tour show on DVD or download at
The DVD is packed with extras including two of the short films I have appeared in. You can also get hold of a copy of the show programme and the profits from that go to SCOPE.
RHLSTP with Sarah Millican has just come out, with Simon Munnery (and some on stage wrestling) coming out next Wednesday. And then Lucy Porter and Peter Serafinowicz still to come. After that  we will be releasing the six full interviews with scientists/experts from my ill-received internet stand up and sketch show "Richard Herring's Meaning of Life". There will then be a brief lull before we return with another series in June/July and another one in October/November.  Tickets are already available for this and we've sold a remarkable 80+ tickets for the 5th June date, even with no names announced. So do book ahead if you want to come along to any of these.
You can watch the series on video on Youtube
(also vimeo and iTunes)
Or listen at the British Comedy Guide
Sorry the self-playing snooker has taken a bit of a back seat, but as you can see there's a lot on my plate and I hope to return to the old green board soon. Also plans are afoot for a return to the Edinburgh Fringe.
Have a great February. Please support the above ventures if you can afford to. Give this another 30 years and I reckon I might be a star.
Richard Herring