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We also updated the concert list at the bottom of this e-mail with new concerts from Dive, The Juggernauts, Motor!k and True Zebra! 
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23.02 International EBM day (-1)@ De Casino, St.Niklaas, B
BodyBeats Productions & De Casino present
The Swedish edition with:

As the title already gives away this will be a day on which we will celebrate one of our beloved music genres, Electronic Body Music! A dark but pounding music style, maybe not as such invented, but most definitely best fine-tuned and exploited, by our national EBM proud Front 242. Hence the official date on which EBM fans over whole the world celebrate International EBM day >24.2< . As you might have noticed we start celebrating it on the night before, so we can shoot the champagne corks at midnight! But also because we will need most of the Sunday Februari 24th to recuperate before going to Work! True Work! So mark 23rd of February in your agenda and come celebrate International EBM day with us! Of course this feast would not be complete without a pounding afterparty with beats & waves spun by resident DJ BORG.
20 + 21.04 Black Easter Festival (Tribute to Ward) @ Zappa, Antwerp, B
BodyBeats productions, Peek-a-Boo Magazine present
20 + 21.04 BLACK EASTER - 2019
Zappa - Antwerp - B
In memory of Ward De Prins
(30.12.1969 - 12.02.2018)
On February 12th 2018 our beloved friend and colleague Ward De Prins, co-founder and one of the main driving forces behind Peek-a-Boo Magazine passed away. Besides his work and support for Peek-a-Boo-Magazine, Ward was also curator of the renowned Black-Easter Festival. His love for music and especially the more darkish alternative and out of the ordinary music was so intense, he dedicated most, if not all, of his free time to it. Ward's music preferences were quite eclectic, he loved David Bowie, Einstürzende Neubauten, Virgin Prunes, Goethes Erben, Pink Floyd and Coil, to name a few … he was also very fond of vocal artists, classical music and opera. We know things will never be the same again, but the least we can do, is honor and continue his musical passion and legacy! That‘s why we, Peek-a-Boo Magazine, and some of Ward‘s closest friends have decided to go ahead with his plans to treat you with another Black Easter Festival in 2019! We are proud to present you the complete B.E. line-up!! Your Life On HoldThe Breath of Life, Sieben, Evi Vine, Jo Quail, Monica Richards, Hackedepicciotto, Daemonia Nymphe, Clan Of Xymox and Goethes Erben! 
Some more and up-coming & BodyBeats powered events!
Kassel - D

04.04 The Juggernauts + A Split-Second + Motor!k @ Out Of Line Weekender - Berlin - D
(More dates to be confirmed / More info on www.bodybeats.be)
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