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Being friendly with criminals like the Food and Drug Administration, and asking them nicely to please be good people and uphold US law at CODEX makes about as much sense as it would to petition your local branch of the COSA NOSTRA to ask them nicely to please stop engaging in prostitution,loansharking, narcotics trafficking, numbers operations, racketeering, extorsion, and to PLEASE stop murdering people--- yet that is EXACTLY what so called "Citizens for Health" is doing.

This makes me want to hurl. It makes me want to spend a few hours worshiping the porcelain god, regurgitating the last vestiges of my guts til I have nothing left inside to puke up- but I must preserve my energy so I'm sending you this message in lieu of that.

There is nothing WORSE from my perspective than a PHONY health freedom group which is only going through the MOTIONS of fighting back, while misleading a lot of people into thinking that if they join them in playing "nicey nicey" games with the KILLERS at FDA, that the miscreants will suddenly begin (as if by magic) LISTENING to us (even though they're UNELECTED BUREAUCRATS with a LONG HISTORY of ignoring the law on this and many OTHER issues- ESPECIALLY when they pertain to dietary supplements.



BEG unelected pharma stooges at FDA to uphold US law at Codex so as to protect our access to dietary supplements? My momma didn't RAISE no fool.

In yesterday's mail I got the return receipt back from the certified legal DEMAND letter I sent to Schneeman and all her superiors at the FDA in which I put them on NOTICE that unless Schneeman VIGOROUSLY OPPOSES finalization of the Codex vitamin standard, citing the numerous scientific points I made to them as reasons, that I can sue her AS AN INDIVIDUAL under Title 42, and via several OTHER points of law, and I can ALSO sue any of her superiors of my choice up to and INCLUDING acting FDA Commissioner Crawford if Schneeman's actions should ever lead to my losing access to the dietary supplements I need.

This letter of mine was approved by attorney Ralph Fucetola III http://www.vitaminlawyer.com who helped improve it......


Please go to http://iahf.com/index3.html and download the second to the last item on the list: DEMAND FOR FDA PROOF OF JURISDICTION

Print it out, and also print out the LAST item (just below it) FORM LETTER TO SEND TO FDA DELEGATES

Read both, and you will see that we have numerous point of law which question the FDA's jurisidiction over us, and which put Schneeman and her superiors on notice that we can sue them for violating our civil rights if they don't do what we TELL them to do at CODEX, if their actions should EVER lead to our losing access to dietary supplements of OUR CHOICE.

You'll see that I'm encouraging you to ATTACH the form letter that we've been sending to Codex delegates WORLD WIDE to this demand letter to FDA in order to show them our scientific reasons for opposing finalization of the Codex vitamin standard, and that we're informing them that all of these scientific reasons are CONSISTENT with CURRENT US LAW which we cite to them in specific legal terms.

ALL YOU NEED TO DO is SIGN this DEMAND LETTER, and get a couple of friends to witness your signing it and have them sign that they've witnessed this. (They don't have to be notary publics, anyone handy will do).

THEN all you need to do to SMACK THEM UPSIDE THE HEAD is go to the post office, and send it by EXPRESS MAIL or TWO DAY PRIORITY MAIL as a certified letter with return receipt requested (because the CODEX MEETING BEGINS on November 1.)


IAHF has EXPOSED SCHNEEMAN as a tool of the pharma cartel who in 2003, prior to being hired by FDA received a research grant totalling nearly $40,000. from International Life Sciences Organization who's membership list reads like a Who's Who of the Multinational Pharmaceutical Industry--- see this previous IAHF alert which provides full details:
http://www.iahf.com/20040419.html ILSI's membership includes Monsanto, Bayer, BASF, Wyeth, Boerhinger Ingleheim, Merck, Shering Plough- and numerous others ad nauseum.

Also keep in mind that Schneeman was hired by the FDA to replace Christine Lewis who sent from the FDA over to the World Health Organization (which administrates Codex) so we're seeing the FULL CIRCLE here. Keep in mind that the reason FDA hired Schneeman is that she proved her loyalty to them by chairing the National Academy of Sciences panel which published a nearly 400 page book that FDA had commissioned titled "A FRAMEWORK TO EVALUATE THE SAFETY OF DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS"

These people are NOT our friends, and to expect them to BE friendly and to do what we request is about as reasonable as it would be to expect the MAFIA to stop murdering people by merely ASKING them to "please become good people."

Thats why we have NO CHOICE but to serve legal papers on them and to threaten them with legal action, so please join IAHF in doing JUST THAT.

Please also take the time to send the form letter to all Codex Delegates from http://iahf.com/index3.html and forward this to as many people as you possibly can, urging them to also take action per this request and to sign on to the IAHF email distribution list for more updates at http://www.iahf.com

Many thanks for the donations some of you have sent to IAHF, they're helping us to send two key people to the Codex meeting and 3 more to the Emergency Codex meet at ACAM on November 19th.

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