Dear friends,


As a self-help group of asylum seekers and refugees from all corners of the world, we are delighted to be taking part in an exciting event hosted by the Global Women’s Strike and Women of Colour@GWS. (See below for details.)


One of us will be a panel speaker on organising for survival and change in our home countries and our fight against racism, destitution and detention here in the UK.


For us it will be a momentous and rare occasion to meet, hear from and organise with other activists from the Global South who are fighting for survival and justice and against rape, violence and poverty.


Some of the amazing women of colour who will be speaking over the weekend are listed here along with all the other panellists. 


We hope you will want to take part – but tickets are selling quickly, so we suggest you register soon!!


Botikala Malamu (stay well)


Alex and Marischka

On behalf of All African Women’s Group


For more information about our group

. . . see our demonstration at St Pancras International in support of refugees in Calais,  . . .  see AAWG, BWRAP and WAR at the protests demanding the closure of Yarl’s Wood IRC . . . Tweet us at AllAfricanWomenGroup @AfricanGr





Caring, Survival and Justice


the Tyranny of the Market


International Conference

London, 14-15 November


Dear Friends,

Only a few days to our international grassroots women’s conference! Camden New Journal has published a lovely piece – see here – and more publicity is in the offing.

Conference tickets are going fast! Please book here now to ensure you’ll be able to come in as space is limited, and let us know if you need childcare as the kids’ space is limited too. A childcare programme to be published soon will include a live clown, baking and a bubble machine! The venue is fully accessible and sign language interpreters are confirmed. 

Look at the great variety of exciting speakers. From Greece to Haiti, Palestine to Ireland, Peru to India, Romania to New Zealand, Canada to Norway, Thailand to the US . . . and more, and of course the UK. Mothers, grandmothers and other carers will speak about their struggle for survival and wellbeing, but also for justice and the environment. Click here to see their bios and when they will be speaking.

This is not an exhaustive list and we expect full audience participation.

These are exciting times. Austerity is under attack from outside and now also inside parliament. There is more hope that we can defeat the forces that conspire against a caring society, but we must come together and make our case loud and clear.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Invest in caring not killing.