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On Second Thought

There should more to spring cleaning than washing the windows and dusting the books.

With all the contaminates we have in circulation 24/7…air quality is, or should be at the top of the spiffy list.~

This applies to your garden surroundings too: greenhouses, potting sheds and other areas that hold /contain tools, pots, machinery, etc. Pool house and outdoor showers/bathrooms are included in this list.

Containers, tools, and machinery should have been cleaned and stored out of the elements last fall…if they didn’t get done…certainly do this before you begin a new season.

Any rain barrels or water holding containers should be emptied and cleaned/sanitized. Rain-barrels have become very popular, but there are strict guidelines that must be followed unless you want bacteria and mosquitoes to become a regular inhabitant around your gardens.

Things that should be already planted or that can be planted indoors –in the greenhouse, or any area that gets plenty good light and heat: parsley, broccoli, cauliflower, eggplant, spring onions and lettuces …depending on where you are.

Seedlings will be ready to transfer to the garden in May.

Another option is to direct sow two weeks prior to the last frost date for your area.

People and Places to Love….

Christopher Confero for all your upscale or just good ole country classic weddings/events…even his low country events are classy!! BelleChevreCheeseShopAndTastingRoomElkmont dio
For the best "Talk Radio on the Grid" your host, Debbie Barth… a most intriguing woman~

A reminder…one on one consultations and group classes are available…either here at the farm or, I am happy to bring them to you. Need help making a garden plan? We can do that!

Have questions? I’m a phone call away.

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Spring is arriving like a lion…you know what that means…better things to come!