Hi all
Sorry to bother you again.
Just wanted to let you know that I am putting some Herring and RHLSTP rarities up on ebay over the next day or so. They'd make amazing Christmas gifts for a Herring obsessive (like you)
They include the Star Wars notebook that I used for much of the last couple of series, including the Richard E Grant ep that never came out. 1/100 of the limited edition Trump card game, a RHLSTP Rubik's Cube, a signed snooker ball, T-shirts and rare DVDs and more. Some more will go up tomorrow
You can buy RHLSTP Trumps at www.gofasterstripe.com
All the money raised from these sales will go towards making more RHLSTPs
Check out gofasterstripe for loads more brilliant comedy gift ideas.
The House of Games Champion of Champions contest is on BBC2  THIS WEEK at 6pm each weekday.
Richard Herring
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