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January 2012

Happy two thousand and twelve! I hope you all had Awkward Christmases and Merry New Years? I'll keep this newsbot brief, there's only 3 things to tell you about anyway...  
Tickets for the biggest show I've ever hosted have just gone on sale: Festival of the Spoken Nerd at the Theatre Royal Haymarket on Thursday 2nd February. Yes. Theatre Royal. Yes. Woah.
£10 stalls seats are selling fast, at festivalofthespokennerd.com
We did the show two nights ago in front of a sold-out crowd at the Bloomsbury Theatre, and it was a blast. There's a lovely review already up on Londonist.com, with lovely pictures. The 2nd Feb show is another chance to see me, Matt Parker and Steve Mould (plus special guests) doing the same show again. Do come and see it if you can, it's our biggest, best and most dangerous Festival of the Spoken Nerd ever, and now it's in a huge, legendary West End Theatre. Zowie!
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And at the opposite end of the scale, I'm back at the 40-seater Green Man near Oxford Circus once a month for the geekiest new material night in London. Domestic Science is where me, Rob Wells, and half a dozen other science/comedy/music types will try out new and possibly even funny stuff for our shows at the Edinburgh Fringe and beyond.
The first one is next Tuesday, 24th January
Tickets are £4 from We Got Tickets - there are only 40 seats in the room, get in quick because once it's sold out, it's truly sold out.
Festival of the Spoken Nerd podcast team shot
photo by Idil Sukan 
I know that not everyone reading this is in London, let alone the UK, so here's something to get your ears into from anywhere in the world: our Extra Time for Questions Podcast.
Follow this link to subscribe on iTunes or download it direct. We've made four so far - one for each new show since September:
  1. One of your Five-A-Day
  2. Ice Ice Baby
  3. Nanoshow
  4. Money Money Money MONEY!
Tell us what you think. And email/tweet more questions, we'll put them in future editions...
Err, so that's it!
Apart from the usual things like...
Nice gigs I'm doing around the UK in Brighton, Carmarthen, Oxford, Milton Keynes...
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The animated video for my cryogenic love song is still on YouTube, with nearly 10,000 views now, and the song is also available on Bandcamp

Enjoy a spiffing start to this Olympiad of a year. Send me your news too, please?
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