To all Bills Backers of Boston, it’s finally September and time for BILLS FOOTBALL! No easing into it this year, week 1 we’re up against the golden boy Brady his hooded master Belichick. Here we go!
Bills v Patriots
1pm Kickoff – Harp opens at 11:00AM!
New to the group? WELCOME!! We’re excited you found us and pumped to have you join gamedays at the Harp. We’ve detailed some information about our group further down in this email so you’ll be ready to go week 1.
To the veterans of the group, we’ve got a few new items this year we wanna draw to your attention, so we’ll highlight those first.
New this season:
-          Blue Light on draft!! - It won’t be up and ready for week 1, but it’s coming soon and other pitcher specials are available in the meantime. We’re pretty sure the Harp will be the only bar in the area to have it on draft, and thanks to their management for working out the distribution loopholes to get it here for us.
-          Fried Bologna Sandwich – It’s our newest addition to the gameday bar menu! Thanks to the Harp for taking this idea and running with it. Let us know what you think as this is an “unusual” item for a Boston menu, we wanna make sure we’re doing it right.
-          New projectors – The Bills weren’t the only ones upgrading this offseason. Both the main seating area and rear/side bar area at the Harp have upgraded projectors this season, that we’re told are far brighter than the previous ones, so plan your gameday seating accordingly.
-          Twitter – Bills Backers of Boston is now on Twitter! Follow/Tweet us @BillsBackersBOS when you’re at the Harp, at a tailgate, or come across anything WNY in Boston.
That wraps up the new stuff for this season. Attached is this season’s bar menu that’s available every Bills gameday at the Harp. Stay tuned for upcoming t-shirt giveaways and the return of Mighty Taco and Charity Day.
For those new to the group, here’s your training camp on Sundays @ The Harp:
The Location:
The Harp’s at 85 Causeway Street across from North Station and the TD Garden. It’s generally not too hard to find street parking in the area on Sunday morning, unless there’s an event at the Garden, when you’ll often have to pay for parking in a ramp or lot due to the crowd. The Center Plaza garage (on Congress Street across from City Hall) usually has $10-all-day parking on Sundays.  Public transportation options are the Commuter Rail and Green or Orange T lines to North Station, with a quick two block walk to The Harp.
The Harp will open up at 11am on Sundays. There are 2 bars and seating upstairs with an additional bar and seating downstairs if we pack the upper floors. Please feel free to seat yourself, just note that it’s first-come, first-serve. Obviously watching the game is the #1 priority, but if you are seated please take advantage of the awesome wait staff to order some food/beverages from the Harp’s menu.
As always, we’ll have the game on in HD with audio. Want to keep posted on your fantasy team, or have a fan of another team in your group? No problem. The Harp has set aside the 3 TVs above the front windows to show other games around the league. Want a particular game on? Just ask one of the staff. For those sitting in that upper bar area, the Bills game will most likely not be on these 3 TVs to accommodate the other games, but there is a large screen directly opposite them above the bar that will have the Bills on.  All other TVs in the bar will have the Bills game on. We’ll also have our DJ back to help with announcements and drown out the all the Geico and male enhancement commercials with some tunes, and blast SHOUT when we score to annoy all the Pats fans nearby.
The Food/Drink:
To those of you new to the area, Massachusetts laws prohibit “happy hour” pricing of alcoholic drinks, so we’re unable to offer wristband specials like McFaddens in NYC. However we do offer a discounted gameday bar menu (see attached PDF) that’s got some WNY favorites like Sahlen’s dogs, wings, and fried bologna.
Of course The Harp’s regular full menu is also available each Sunday. The Harp has stepped up to offer a 10% discount on all regular menu food orders to all members of our group. This will be valid ANYTIME you visit the Harp, not just on Sundays.  We’ll be handing out FREE membership cards to use for this discount on Sunday; just show the card to redeem the discount.  Please note: discount does NOT apply to drink orders (…thanks Beacon Hill).
Social Media:
Email –
Website –
If you’re getting this message you’re probably already signed up, but if you’re not on our mailing list, visit to add your email address (it’s on the top left side). It’s the best way to stay up to date on any specials events or offseason happenings (ie. Sabres games).
Twitter - @BillsBackersBOS -
As mentioned above, follow us and tweet us anytime!
Facebook Page -
We’ll be posting event photos, information and other WNY related stuff to our Facebook page throughout the year.
Facebook Group -
And whereas the Facebook page which is more informational, the Facebook group is for all of our members to contribute. Feel free to post photos, videos, articles or anything else that you think our WNY crowd would enjoy.
Giveaways/Special Events:
The membership cards will be handed out over the first couple weeks, and we’ll have a tshirt giveaway coming up after that. Also, later this season we’ll be doing our annual Mighty Taco Day and Beef on Weck Charity Day. Stay tuned to our emails for details.
Last but not least, we want to help make the gameday experience something you all enjoy. If there’s an issue or someone is causing a problem on gameday, let one of the planning committee know (Jeff Crump, Chris Salemi, George Pacil, Darrell Pesta and Tim Sweeney) and we’ll work with The Harp staff to resolve the issue. A lot of us are traveling to Orchard Park for week 1, but we’ll introduce ourselves week 2 so you know our faces. Also feel free to let us know if you have any feedback, suggestions, or ways to improve Sunday’s at the Harp. Drop us an email, direct message on twitter, facebook message, or just say hi on Sundays. We’re always open to new ideas, and love it when somebody comes up with a great new cheer, celebration, or tradition for the group.
Welcome to all our new members, and welcome back to all our longtime faithful. Thanks for your support of the group, and helping turn The Harp into “a little 716 in the 617” every Bills gameday!
-Bills Backers of Boston