Greetings Everyone,

Presentation will go ahead as planned on Saturday night, but starting at 7.30pm so Julia can get an early night.

We need to finish at Julias at 9.30ish, but you are welcome to come up to our home afterwards.

Saturday 16th September 7.30pm

Julia Miller will present:

The Fall of an Angel: the gendering and demonising of El Nino.

Julia will discuss the naming of the weather phenomenon, El Nino, and how 20th

century attitudes to environmental management have turned an angel into a


Venue: Julia Miller's home 113 Florence Terrace & Black house with green roof on water 5 houses South of Eastern Wharf

Bottom of Elsie Street steps and below our (Cover) black house with green roof.

Contact: Jenni Cover 9997 8724, 0409 560008 or

Everyone Welcome

A contribution of wine/snacks would be appreciated.

See you there,