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IAHF List: This past weekend I was interviewed by Jerome Corsi of World Net Daily who just helped IAHF reach out to a much bigger audience with our warning about the threat posed by the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter to usher genocidal CODEX vitamin restrictions into North America. Please see Corsi's article below, and please forward it to people.

Please also download it, make copies and get the around to health food stores and dietary supplement manufacturers which are being systematically lied to and kept in the dark about Codex and related issues by the Natural Products Association (formerly NNFA) as pharmaceutical interests are controlling the vitamin trade associations world wide- sign this petition if you haven't already and urge more people to sign it- as of 1:12 pm today Pacific time 286 new people have signed, the biggest single day surge since the petition has been in cyberspace!

Food supplements targeted by trilateral deal
Mexico put in charge as U.S., Canada agree to follow--- by Jerome Corsi

Some valuable information that didn't make it into Corsi's article that I'd like you all to have & thoughts on what we CAN do!

Were you aware that the European Union was originally the idea of the Nazi High Command, and that they (and the ruling elite which put them in power) came up with the idea during the waning hours of WW2 as a long range plan for Germany to achieve the control of Europe via political and economic means what they were unable to achieve militarily?

The UK's Philip Day did a superb job of putting together this documentary which people WORLD WIDE must watch because the EU is the BLUEPRINT for the NAU and the GLOBAL TOTALITARIAN STATE which we are in a process of monkeywrenching!


Many people mistakenly think the Nazis disappeared at the end of WW2, and far too many have never examined the TRUE HISTORY of the war. They fail to grasp that the ideas Hitler embraced regarding Eugenics actually originated in the USA and UK: The ruling elite who put Hitler into power were the architects of the EU, they're the power behind the effort to deconstruct all nations as they seek to force Canada, the USA and Mexico together into a North American Union- and all countries eventually into a global totalitarian state.


National Problematique: North American Nightmare


In the face of this information, its easy to feel disempowered, and shut down. Its easy to feel depressed and to feel like theres nothing you can do to stop whats happening, but I need to remind you all of something very important: We see through a glass darkly, and as much as these ruling elite pond scum THINK they're in charge of what goes on on this planet, they're WRONG!!

This whole thing called LIFE is a TEST. Its a TEST to see how we react to stuff. Do we think only of ourselves, and try to amass as much gold and power as possible? Do we step on everyone around us and immorally turn a blind eye to those around us who are less fortunate, or do we try to be good neighbors to everyone around us and try to LIFT UP those around us in a selfless way?

When I ponder current unfolding events, I think about the example set by such people as Martin Niemoller, and I ask myself if I have it in me to do what he did? We all need to ask ourselves this question at this time, because the Nazis who he opposed are still very much with us only NOW they're called NEOCONS.

Niemoller commanded a U-Boat for the German Navy during WW1, and he was a decorated war hero. He was a Lutheran Pastor, and initially, before he realized what was going on, he supported Hitler because as a Patriotic German, at first he thought that was the right thing to do. But when he saw who Hitler REALLY was, he turned against him with every fiber of his being and started railing against the Nazis from the pulpit. For his trouble he spent 7 years in Nazi concentration camps (Sachsenhausen and Dachau) , but he did the right thing- and he encouraged everyone around him to do the right thing- so please take a moment to read about this great man and be inspired:


Friends- I'll never forget the 5 year long battle to pass the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994. I'll never forget it because at that time the FDA was very busy raiding everyone in sight- they raided health food stores, alternative medical practitioners and vitamin companies under David Kessler's reign of terror.

They, and their "quackbuster" allies were on a quest to NUKE the dietary supplement industry into OBLIVION, and they came VERY CLOSE to succeeding.

In 1993, Gary J. Dykstra, Deputy Associate Commissioner of Regulatory Affairs for FDA published an infamous Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking which clearly indicated that the FDA intended to use the Nutrition Labelling and Education Act of 1990 to repeal the Proxmire Vitamin Act of 1976- to ban consumer access to high potency vitamins and minerals, to ban amino acids as "unsafe food additives", and to attack herbal products as "unapproved drugs".

Mel Gibson and many other celebrities joined forces with the American people to read the RIOT ACT to Congress, and it needs to happen AGAIN!

The task before us TODAY is not the SAME as it was in the early '90s, however. What is DIFFERENT today is that pharmaceutical interests are HEAVILY CONTROLLING the dietary supplement trade associations and they're doing major SPIN against the message of IAHF and allied groups.

Due to this, IAHF needs your HELP in the following ways:

1. We need you to urge everyone you know to sign on to the IAHF email distribution list at and to get involved with our grass roots effort to awaken the sleeping giant- the millions of Americans who helped pass DSHEA, because FDA is trying to make an END RUN around it via the Trilateral Cooperation Charter and CODEX.

2. We need you to forward this email to everyone you know, but first remember to delete the unsub link at the bottom so no one will click on it and unsub YOU from the IAHF list!

3. We need you to make copies of Jerry Corsi's article and to get it around to every health food store in your area and to ask the store owners and managers to call me at 800-333-2553 because they should QUIT the Natural Products Assn (in Canada they should quit CHFA).

4. IAHF will be presenting at the Total Health Show in Toronto, Ontario Canada April 13-15 where we'll be part of a Panel discussion with several of our closest health freedom allies to bring this urgent message to the public. Your donations are urgently needed to help pay for this trip and for trips to DC and elsewhere as we go into HIGH GEAR to get our message out!

If you've sent a donation and are waiting for books and DVDs, I just sent a pile out in yesterday's mail by Priority Mail so they'll be arriving soon, thanks for your patience and ongoing support!! We're sending out copies of Byron Richard's book Fight for Your Health- Exposing the FDA's Betrayal of America, and Kevin Miller's DVD "We Become Silent" a hard hitting expose on the Codex vitamin issue. If you already got yours, please get more and share with friends! $25. donation for each... $50 for both.... please send More if you can, it will help us get the word out FASTER!


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