Temple Beth Am Library Minyan  
 July 2012
 The Minyan Monthly
Scott Taryle, new Rosh HaMinyan
The Steering Committee (Norm Saiger, Ritual; Sandra Lepson, Youth; Larry Harris, Finance; Scott Taryle, Membership; Jerry Krautman, Gabbaim; Rachel Rubin Green, Education) met June 26 at the home of Larry and Abby Harris. (Carl Sunshine, chairperson of the Social & Hospitality Committee, was absent.) The Steering Committee elected Scott Taryle to be the new Rosh HaMinyan. 
The exact starting date of Scott's tenure as Rosh is still to be determined.  The Rosh and all the committee chairs serve until Tu Bishvat 5774 (January 2014.)
Mazel tov to Scott and Yasher koach to the Steering Committee for their thoughtful process.  
Come, Serve, Belong, Eat and Drink
Kiddush this Shabbat (June 30), welcoming the new LM Steering Committee, is co-sponsored by John Antignas & Susan Laemmle in honor of Abby Harris; Michael & Melissa Berenbaum in honor of their anniversary and their children's straight-A report cards; Debbie Rich, Dianne Shershow, Susan Grinel & Larry Rubin, Fran & Joel Grossman, and Abby & Larry Harris. 
Alan and Heather Broidy provided scotch and herring in honor of their anniversary; Sandra Lepson and Eric Schrager provided carrot cake. 
Thank you to all who are contributing to kiddush.
The minyan is also indebted to the Steering Committee, and all the committee members. Would you like to join the fun? It's not too late to join a committee...see here for more info
Todah Rabbah to Rina Carmel
Rina Carmel has retired as Haftarah Coordinator after more than four years.  Rina proactively recruited Haftarah readers from among people celebrating birthday and yarhzeit anniversaries, recruited young people to chant Haftarah on the anniversary of their bnai mitzvah, and created the standard for Haftarah coordination which will be used in the Gabbaim Handbook. 
Kudos to Rina for her dedication, professionalism and work ethic.
Thank you Rina.
New Haftarah Coordinator: Paul Miller
Paul Miller has generously agreed to act as the new Haftarah Coordinator.  Paul's tenure will begin August 1. Why not help ease him in to his role by volunteering to read Haftarah?  Contact Paul here.
New Gabbaim onboard
Welcome to our new Gabbaim starting after the Yamim Noraim: Howard Fredman, Teri Cohan Link, and Jeremy Szczepanski.
Help them hit the ground running by filling out the Tefillah Volunteer Questionaire even if you lead services all the time...and especially if you don't!
Win valuable prizes in our groundbreaking Minyan contest!  
Enter our first ever Minyan Monthly contest, and win the honor of your choice OR the opportunity to co-sponsor kiddush at one of our weekly Shabbatot.  Suggest the best way to spell "gabbaim" in English. Submit your entries to Chief Gabbai Jerry Krautman.
Mishna study 9:20
Tefillot begin 9:45
Temple Beth Am
Dorff-Nelson Chapel
1039 S. La Cienega Blvd, 90035
July 29
Tisha B'Av (no LM services)

August 18
Rosh Hodesh Elul, 9am start time, no Mishna study
August 25
Taryle BM

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