Absolutely SICKENING how they're limiting the length of the debate before this momentous vote.

They're only allowing 2.5 minutes of debate time per member.

Congressman Paul by himself could easily spend over a half hour.

We're witnessing a crime people, and if we don't win, you should feel angry, VERY angry.

While this debate is going on, I hope you will join with me in continuing to work the phone.

We need to POUND these criminals. If you have a TV and get CSPAN, please watch and take notes.

If you don't have cspan, but do have a broadband connection on your computer, you can watch RIGHT NOW via we're witnessing a VAST CRIMINAL ACTION in motion here, a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY, but its NOT OVER TIL ITS OVER.

If you VALUE your health freedom, you will keep making your calls. The harmonization language in the FTAA language is even stronger than in CAFTA, but it all dovetails with language in the WTO Trade Agreement, its one huge tapestry and you can't view any of this language in isolation, because it all dovetails together.

BUSH is a Nazi Whore, a Collectivist, and a TRAITOR.

Any congressman that stands with him in this vast screwing WILL be BLACKLISTED by The Coalition For Health Freedom, and by allied organizations, and we WILL drive them out.

I'm hearing many Democrats discussing concerns right now about the VAST level of arrogance coming right now from Bush & His Band of Criminals, and they're CORRECT, they're absolutely correct.

I'm not a Democrat, or a Republican. I'm not a member of ANY political party. I have great respect for Congressman Ron Paul and the Liberty Committee who are flipping the BIRD to this TRAITOR by breaking RANKS with the Republican Party.

God help us. God help America. We're seeing our last days if this passes.