Climate enthusiasts collect 11,000 Euros to impale polar bear
A mixture of art collectors and climate enthusiasts were quick at the keys when a collection opened to finance a huge sculpture of a polar bear which is to be impaled on a 5 meters high CO2graf. In return for the contribution one received a polar bear sculpture.
The Climate Sculpture Unbearable
The sculpture is called Unbearable. It depicts a real size polar bear in copper, impaled on a 5 meters high graph of human CO2 emissions. The artist, Jens Galschiot, is going to erect the sculpture at the UN climate conference COP21 in Paris, in an effort to make world leaders aware of the climate crisis and their responsibility to find a solution.
The Campaign Continues
It took only four days to reach the primary goal for the art project, through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. The success has made the artist taste blood and he has prepared several new sculptures for sale on the platform. He says "there are still 12 days left of the campaign, and any additional funding will be used for other sculpture happenings in Paris".
A Genuine Silver Bear
The artist reveals that next week, it will be possible to get an impaled polar bear in massive silver. "Who would not like her very own silver bear? - And you don’t even have to play in a movie to get it” sais the artist Jens Galschiøt.
Crowdfunding Equals Popular Support
Crowdfunding the project is about more than financing. It is a way to show that the art project is publicly supported, making it easier to influence the politicians.
Even before the sculpture is finished it has attracted international attention. The Guardian, for example. called it "a strong statement concerning climate change". (article)
Facts: Crowdfunding & Unbearable
 Definition Crowdfunding: "Crowdfunding is a way to raise money for a project by collecting contributions from a large group of contributors typically via the Internet."
Campaign ends: September 23.
Collection Goal: $US 10,000 (presently 113% funded)
Crowdfunding platform: Kickstarter.
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Artist Jens Galschiøt
Phone: +45 6618 4058
Mobile: +45 4044 7058/+45 6170 3083  
The Art Project Unbearable:
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