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If you share my concerns about pending martial law, are trying to prepare, or WANT to prepare- but have been running headlong into conflicts with your spouse, family members, neighbors and friends who make snide jokes and think you're one piece short of a loaf- you might find this article both entertaining, and useful- http://www.theplacewithnoname.com/blogs/klessons/p/0041.html 




Alex Jones recently did a very powerful 4 hour show in which he thoroughly succeeded in getting across the fact that the so called "Bailout Bill" that was just rammed through Congress was in fact the economic equivalent to 911.

In this show, which you can listen to at http://freespeech.vo.llnwd.net/o25/pub/rss/20081003_Fri_Alex.mp3 he interviewed former Congressman Dan Hamberg, who discussed the coming martial law as well as the concentration camps being built by Kellogg Brown and Root under the auspices of the Homeland Security in this San Francisco Chronicle Article: "Rule by Fear or Rule By Law" http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2008/02/04/ED5OUPQJ7.DTL

Jones also interviewed Democratic Congressman Brad Sherman who stated that the bailout bill was passed due to direct threats of actual martial law made to several members of congress if they DIDN'T pass it. When interviewed, Sherman would not reveal WHO had made these threats, but he did make this statement on the house floor and you can hear the audio clip of his saying this on the show:

"The only way we can pass this bill is by creating, and sustaining a panic atmosphere. That atmosphere is not justified. Many of us were told in private conversations that if we voted against this bill on monday that they sky would fall, the market would drop two or three thousand points the first day, another couple thousand points the second day, and a few members were even told that there would be martial law in America if we voted no. Thats what I call fearmongering."

Friends, I listened to this radio show yesterday. Jones was in rare form on it, sounding as pumped up as an evangelist, and he mixes in a lot of dramatic music to underscore his passionate concern. Mixed in with the music and his commentary are a lot of ads for companies such as www.foodshortageusa.com , www.efoodsdirect.com , www.survivalgearsource.com , www.patriotfood.com , www.unveilingthem.com and it would be easy for a cynic to write off his highly passionate message as being nothing more than hype intended to drive sales for his advertisers, if not for the solidity of his facts.

Don't take my word for it, listen to the show yourself, and decide for yourself what your own personal response to it will be. You already know what mine is. On Tuesday night here in Point Roberts we're having a meeting of PREP- Point Roberts Emergency Preparedness Group.

This group encourages local people to prepare for natural disasters: earthquakes, floods, tidal waves- all of which can impact this region- but I am going to make the argument that it should shift its focus to ALSO include the rapidly emerging MAN MADE disaster that is fast moving in our direction.

I feel as though I see an approaching tidal wave that most here simply fail to see. I have been mocked and insulted by some people around here, and by some even on the IAHF list for sounding this alarm.  Some have reacted very ANGRILY to what I am saying because they can't psychologically accept it, for whatever reasons. If you've experienced this yourself, see this article http://www.theplacewithnoname.com/blogs/klessons/p/0041.html

Friends, I'm only the messenger. Please don't attack me. Believe it or not, I'm your friend, I'm telling you the truth, and I'm trying to save lives. Some seem to think I have some political motivation in what I'm sending out. I do not. I am not a Republican, or a Democrat. I don't trust either major party. Both Obama, and McCain voted "yes" on this Bankster Bailout Bill which is the economic equivalent to 911 in terms of being a SCAM,So I endorse neither.  I guess the IAHF subscriber who just accused me of being a "neo fascist" for opposing this bill fails to understand this.

I also don't believe we're witnessing an actual election. From my perspective the Bilderbergs decided the outcome months ago at their meeting in Chantilly VA and will insert one of these two individuals and our votes are meaningless. The outcome will be determined by computer programmers and black box voting machines- and the "election" is nothing more than a CIA containment exercise intended to keep a lid on the pressure cooker til they can declare martial law, then move to try to disarm us.

It should be pretty obvious whats happening: the elite have utilized the exact same pattern of "Problem, Reaction, Solution" bait and switch scam for centuries to consolidate their power, and what we're seeing unfold here is no exception.

The Bankster Bailout Bill that congress just passed will spur massive hyperinflation, especially when combined with the additional $700 billion that the Federal Reserve pumped into the system in just 4 days prior to its passage. (This last fact received went unreported by our controlled media, but you better be aware of it because the hyperinflation thats coming is going to make a lot of people's lives a living hell- food riots are on the near horizon, along with martial law.)

But don't take my word for it, listen to the Alex Jones show and do your own research. If you still haven't started laying up food reserves, I strongly advise you to start.


Not long ago I told you about a really good whey protein product called SPIZ that I found to be easily digested and which you could live on in an emergency.

Randy Ice, the cardiopulmonary physical therapist  who formulated this product, was approached by an endurance bicycle racer named Pete Penseyres who had finished second in a 3000 mile cross country race called "Race Across America" (RAAM) in 1984, and he approached Randy seeking nutritional help prior to the race in 1986 because Randy had been helping him do stress testing on a treadmill as part of his training. 

Randy had been working next door to a compounding pharmacist specializing in IV parental nutrition. So he put his head together with this guy and came up with a formula containing free form amino acids, three different carbs, medium chain triglycerides all the vitamins and minerals as well as extra sodium to cover intense sweat losses from exercising for 18 - 21 hours/day, 8 - 12 days in a row. Pete won RAAM that year and consumed 85% of his total calories from what at that time, we called "UltraEnergy." His average speed record of 15.4 mph for 3000 miles in the 1986 RAAM still stands 22 years later.

They marketed and sold UltraEnergy for several years until the early 90's when the pharmacist got married and his wife didn't want him to "waste his time" with nutritional stuff when he could make about 20x more profit in the IV parental nutrition business............so he shut down the company. They had a patent on UltraEnergy so Randy  had to start all over and reformulate it so as not to violate the patent and rename it. He had the help of a nutritionist friend of his at the time who worked for Amway's Nutrilite business, and they came up with the idea of using a hydrolyzed whey protein instead of free form amino acids, which are very expensive and taste awful. Hence out of the ashes came SPIZ (short for "Spizerinctum", a southern term meaning "pep" or "energy") in 1995.

 Besides the best whey protein that is extensively hydrolyzed he could find, he put the best other ingredients into it as he could including minerals from Albion which is a leading chelated mineral company. The amount of effort it takes to digest and absorb SPIZ is very little as athletes can't wait, nor want to expend a lot of time and energy replacing carbs, proteins, fatty acids, sodium, etc when they are racing hour after hour after hour. So SPIZ was specifically designed for long distance athletes of all types and is who Randy sells to primarily. Hence to keep the ideal 4:1 ratio of carbs to protein, each serving has 94 grams of three different carb sources to 20 grams of whey protein with 4 grams of medium chain trigycerides to make sure the fat soluble vitamins are absorbed.

He is finding now that older folks who lose their appetite, or are sick from some sort of chronic illness like cancer who are losing lean body mass also do very well with SPIZ as it can be used as a simple meal replacement by mixing with water, or putting it in a blender and mixing it with fruit, or ice cream, or eggs or whatever one wants to give it an additional nutritional boost. Randy's mother is 89 and in perfect health...........except she's sick of eating her own meals after 65 years and is losing her appetite, and now bodyweight. She is now using 1 - 2 servings of SPIZ daily ( 500 - 1000 Calories) to supplement her diet and has stabilized her weight.

This is why I recommend you include SPIZ in your food reserves. If you order some www.spiz.net or 800-548-4447 , please tell Randy you learned about SPIZ from IAHF. As an experiment, I lived on it for a week, eating no other food. Normally, whey protein products cause my problems with digestion, but this one did not- and I felt good the whole time. I recommend getting as much as you can.

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