September 2016

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Wade’s headed to - TN, NE, TX, OK, WA (5), Japan, NC
9/9/2016 - Terrell, TX - Silver Saloon
9/16/2016 - Tishimingo, OK - The Pickin' Parlor
9/17/2016 - Del City, OK - CMSA Heartland Opry
9/22/2016 - Tacoma, WA - Steel Creek Whiskey Company
9/23/2016 - Walla Walla, WA - Fraternal Order of Eagles
9/24/2016 - Kennewick, WA - Branding Iron Night Club
9/25//2016 - Leavenworth, WA - King Ludwig’s
9/27/2016 - Kettle Falls, WA - Northern Ales
10/8/2016 - Huntsville, AL - Fraternal Order of the Eagles
10/16/2016 - Kumamoto, Japan - Country Gold in Japan
10/21/2016 - Helotes, TX - John T. Floore’s Country Store
10/22/2016 - Franklin, NC - Smoky Mountain Center for the Performing Arts
1/17/2017 - Tampa, FL - Country Music Cruise
For appearance details, go to the Tour page of You can even get a map link that will guide you to a venue when you enter your own starting point.
Words from Wade

Helen: I know  you were a supporter of the Colon Cancer Alliance long before you were diagnosed with the disease. Will you bring us up to date on your support?
Wade - I’m doing several things for the Colon Cancer Alliance. I’m did the UNDY walk and had great time. Any chance I can make people aware to get screened, I’m going to take it.  I sure don’t want anybody to have to go through what I went through. They are having their big conference in Mesa, Arizona on November 11th. I’m going to be out there speaking at that event and performing. Then I’ll be in Flagstaff on the 12th and Tucson on the 13th. I’m very much looking forward to any way I can help. I feel obligated.  I’ve certainly talked to a lot of people who’ve had to deal with it. It’s horrible and seems to be more and more common.  I hope to raise awareness for people to get screened and maybe help raise some money for them (CCA). 
H - You have some shows up in the Northwest fairly soon.
W - We have about a week’s run up there in Washington state.  That’s something my buddy, Keith Anderson,  turned me on to. There’s a guy up there booking small venues that have a coffee house kind of feel. I hear the fans are enthusiastic and have a great time. I’m really looking forward to doing it. And I get to see my old friend, Chick Rains.  He lives in Washington state now. (Note: Wade and Chick did a lot of co-writing early in Wade’s career. Together they penned “Old Enough to Know Better” and “I’m Still Dancin’ with You.)”
H - How’s the new project going?
W - Been in the studio finishing up vocals. Getting ready to do guitar and background vocals and we’ll have the first batch done. We’re going in soon and finish cutting it.  I didn’t write as much for this record as I did the last time. I’m just trying to make the best project that I can. I’ve got some really good songs and I’m excited to get them out there. 
And we’re excited, too!

Undy 5K was a great event. TEAM WADE placed second in total donations. We registered 23 for the run. In all. that hour of running and walking raised $43,000 for the Colon Cancer Alliance. Way to go! Four sisters were there for a sisterly reunion, two from Tennessee and 2 from Ohio. Welcome to the Fan Zone: Betty McCrary from Goodlettsville; Becky Ream from Washington Court House, OH; Jamie Williams, Nashville; Ella Williams, Manchester, Ohio.
FAN Zone

I have to share. I was listening to the Nashville Today (WSM 650-AM) 
show as I was driivng home one afternoon. Devon O'Day (one of the radio personalities - Nan Kelly is the other one) shared this incident. She turned in a rental car. The rental agent remarked, "You sure must like Wade Hayes. You have 5 CDs and all of them are Wade." 
I'm guilty - can anyone else relate?
Wade was the entertainer at the promo luncheon for the February launch of the Nashville Today show. Listen at WSM-AM 650, from 3 to 6  pm CDT Monday through Friday. And, of course, you can listen at
Devon, Wade, Nan

Wade has recently been on several Opry shows that are are now available for listening at the WSM AM 650 Archives. On July 6 Wade opened the second half hour; on July 13 he followed Connie Smith in the first half hour. On August 5th, Wade was introduced by Sharon White in the first segment. If you missed the live broadcast, check out the archives. Actually, you could listen again even if you've already heard it. Can't get too much Wade. And after saying that, I should include the December 25th show. Wade did a cover of Merle Haggard's If We Make it Through December on that one..
The  big issue with the Opry Archives is scrolling down to find the date that you want to hear. Scroll down to Explore the Arcjves. The scroll button for finding the date you want is black and practically invisible near the top of the time listins.  So I've created a graphic to help find it.
And our news page has a couple of pics of Wade backstage at the Opry.

Wade answers 5 questions in 45 seconds.  This is a WSM feature that is playing on You Tube.
During CMA Music Fest, Wade performed at the WSM/Wrangler booth in the Music City Center. WSM has archived those shows. You can listen to his performance. WSM has archived them. Look under special features for 6/10/2016 CMA Fest. Wade and Megan Mullins do an awesome duet - "What You Need From Me."
For the Country Faith Hymns project, Wade recorded "Just As I Am." He arranged, produced, sang and did both guitar parts. Megan Mullins sang background, played the fiddle and the accordion. WSMV-TV invited them to perform on their noon day show.  Here's a link to that performance. You can hear them on the album. Now you can see their live performance.

Wade and Megan


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Video for Is it Already Time?
Get the word out - use your facebook page, your twitter account, your e-mail to ask your friends to view this video. It's hard to imagine that there's anyone left in these United States who hasn't had a friend or a family member who's faced this situation. You can tell them, too, that from the beginning Wade's odds of making it were poor. Now he stands on the side of good health and is rebuilding his life and his career. Praise God!
Video for Go Live Your Life
What an anthem for for making the most of this short, precious life on earth. Wade nailed it. It's an anthem to live by.  Go Download!

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