IAHF List: Sorry for the short notice, but I'm gonna be on Virato Live tomorrow (Saturday) from 9-10 AM Pacific Time, 10-11 am Mountain, 11-Noon Central- Noon til 1 PM Eastern Time.  This is a Clear Channel broadcast which will reach millions of vitamin consumers all over America and the World, especially if you help us out by alerting friends and family so they'll tune in, and help us when we go to Washington DC!

Its a web based radio show that you can hear at and can also be heard over many local radio stations nationwide.

Virato impresses me as one of the best show hosts I've interacted with, he'll be well prepared to discuss the Codex issue in a very through way and I look forward to tomorrows CALL IN SHOW! I urge some of you to call in with questions during the show by calling this number: 828-252-4348.

------------------------------------Why You Won't Want to Miss This Show!

You won't want to miss this radio show because IAHF isn't gonna take any prisoners! We'll be naming the names, we'll be exposing stuff we've never even MENTIONED in ANY of the IAHF e-alerts! You're going to hear the true INSIDE STORY of the Codex vitamin issue like you've NEVER heard it before and its going to make you HOPPIN' MAD and ready to help IAHF raise the bloody HELL that must be raised to STOP this genocidal New World Odor AGENDA to cull our numbers by BLOCKING our access to vitamins and minerals within the therapeutic range!

Soon, we'll be going to DC. We'll be going just as soon as we get the additional input we're seeking from Mr.Scott Tips, legal counsel for the National Health Federation, the group that IAHF works the most closely with.

Scott has been working with us to do a legal analysis of FDA's response to the letter which Congressman Ron Paul sent to FDA Commissioner Andrew Von Echenbach about the supposed "legality" of the Trilateral Cooperation Charter wherein FDA is attempting to bring CODEX into North America by STEALTH........

We need your help to generate a BIGGER BASE so that by the time IAHF goes rolling into DC on our upcoming hell raising mission, we'll have plenty of firepower in the form of you guys assisting us by flooding the phone lines of the members of the Oversight & Investigations Subcommittee of the House Commerce Committee---- something we're going to be asking you to start doing IMMEDIATELY as it will help ME to get the MEETINGS I will need with these people.

Please refer to this past alert (see below) that I sent out on what to do and follow that information, and please urge everyone you know to do the same and to tune in to the show tomorrow!


 When I go to DC in a few weeks, I’m up against those obese beady eyed cigar smokin’ guys in Brooks Brothers Suits wearing Gucci Shoes who wear Rolex watches. These slimeballs get dropped off at the Congressional office buildings by chauffer driven stretch limos that have jacuzzis and bars and more than likely hookers inside of them. These are a species of sub-human known as Pharmaceutical Company Lobbyists. While these guys get ushered into the inner sanctums of Senators and Congressmen’s offices- the red carpet is rolled out for them because they lay serious coin on this pack of scurrulous reprobates, but I’m lucky if I can get 5 minutes with their aides.I need YOUR HELP to make this CHANGE! 

The only way you guys are going to get me the meetings I need with the Senators and Congressmen themselves and the only shot we have of getting oversight is by helping to get a LOT more signatures on the petition, and by utilizing the phone script below when calling the Oversight & Investigations Subcommittee of the House Commerce Committee.


We have GOT to do better than 7,538 signatures, and we CAN, and very EASILY, but you can’t sit on your hands and expect ME to do everything for you. I’ll be going to Washington DC to push for congressional oversight in a few weeks, and with your ACTIVE HELP we can QUADRUPLE  this number of signatures before I go.




“I support International Advocates for Health Freedom’s efforts to get oversight on the FDA’s Trilateral Cooperation Charter. The FDA is holding illegal meetings with regulatory counterparts in Canada and Mexico via the Trilateral Cooperation Charter. Through this they are creating one harmonized set of food and drug regulations as if our country no longer existed, as if we were already part of a North American Union. A subset of TCC is called the Mexico, US, Canada Health Fraud Working Group- (MUCH).

This group has issued over 700 warning letters to dietary supplement manufacturers who manufacture weight loss products in all 3 nations. This is a clear effort by the FDA to subvert existing US law- the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994. Its part of a planned effort to DECONSTRUCT our country and to force us into a planned North American Union.

I strongly request that Congress hold oversight hearings on this matter and that the FDA be stopped from what they are doing. Over 7500 people have signed IAHF’s petition on this matter, and I am one of them. I am telling everyone I know about this. I also oppose the Department of Commerce’s equally illegal actions as they too are attempting to deconstruct our nation via the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America. These, along with Bush’s other illegal acts serve as ample grounds for impeachment.”


1.     Your own Senators and Congressmen (via Capital Switchboard at 202-225-31212.     The House Oversight & Investigations Subcommittee- see list below: Call via Capital Switchboard 202-225-3121 ask to be connected. 

(Ratio:  9-7)
Bart Stupak (MI), Chairman
Diana DeGette, CO Ed Whitfield, KY,
Ranking Member
Charlie Melancon, LA, Vice Chair Charlie Norwood, GA
Henry A. Waxman, CA Greg Walden, OR
Gene Green, TX Mike Ferguson, NJ
Mike Doyle, PA Tim Murphy, PA
Jan Schakowsky, IL Michael C. Burgess, TX
Jay Inslee, WA Joe Barton, TX (Ex Officio)
John D. Dingell (Ex Officio)  

Your donation assists IAHF in this important work! Help us make the trips to DC that we’ll need to make in the coming year to oppose the FDA and the Neocon’s traitorous agenda to deconstruct our nation and to force us into a totalitarian North American Union patterned after the EU Dictatorship. Help us to assist Congressman Paul in his courageous efforts to get the truth out via National TV as he runs for President! The life you save could be your own! We're going back to DC for 10 days of work at end of Feb- beginning of March. Before forwarding this email, please don't forget to delete the unsub link which accompanies each email at the bottom. Otherwise, someone you forward it to may delete you from the IAHF list.

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