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IAHF List: I hope a lot of you watched the CAFTA vote on the House Floor on C-Span as I did and the emotional pain I'm feeling right now over this is just huge. I took yesterday off to decompress.

We're witnessing the complete dismantling and destruction of our once proud nation before our eyes as it gets subsumed into a world government- but we're just goint to have to REDOUBLE our efforts and REBOUND from this loss to make DAMN SURE we kill the Free Trade Area of the Americas whenever they try to shaft us with that one.

My favorite testimony on the House floor was that of Stephanie Tubbs Jones (D-OH) who summarized the whole situation quite succinctly when she said "NAFTA- CAFTA- SHAFTA!!"

The most moving testimony came from Rep. Howard Coble, R-N.C., who said he told President Bush that his late mother was a textile worker and that when textile workers urged him to vote against CAFTA, "I said to the president, 'it's my mamma talking to me.'"


The Media reported immediately afterwards that we'd lost by two votes (217-215), but the Clerk's office the next day changed the vote tally so the official count was 217-216 because of confusion about the vote of Charles Taylor (R-NC) who had TRIED to vote no:

"Due to an error, my 'no' vote did not record on the voting machine," said Taylor in a statement released Thursday. "The Clerk's computer logs verified that I had attempted to vote, but it did not show my 'nay.' I am re-inserting my 'No' vo-te in the record. But even with my 'No' vote re-inserted, the bill still passed."

I see from http://clerk.house.gov/evs/2005/roll443.xml that the clerk hasn't yet corrected this, and am going to call to request the record be changed to reflect Taylor's vote.


JoAnne Davis (R-VA) had wanted to vote NO, but was unable to get back in time to vote from the Boy Scout National Jamboree which is taking place in Virginia. Her vote would have made it a TIE which would have meant the measure would not have passed. Where the hell were HER priorities, anyway? She needs to be driven from office. She should have been there to vote. Vitamin consumers in and around Fredericksburg VA please take note and REMEMBER THIS.


We need to drive Robin Hayes (R-NC) out of office. He should have listened to the testimony of Congressman Paul who cited his FIRST reason for opposing CAFTA as being that it didn't square with the commerce clause in the constitution, so it was therefor ILLEGAL.

Intead, this TRAITOR allowed his arm to be twisted with promises that were most likely quite empty.
Vitamin consumers living in his district around Concord and Rockingham NC, please TAKE NOTE!!

As time ran out on a House vote early Thursday -- with CAFTA headed to apparent defeat -- Speaker Dennis Hastert told Hayes he could promise increased GOP attention to the challenges China poses to the domestic textile industry.

Hayes said he changed his mind after Nicaragua agreed to require its trouser manufacturers to increase their use of American fabric as much as 200 percent in order export trousers to the U.S.

Hayes said changes to the measure now amount to nearly $200 million in current and new exports and that textiles companies said those change were "critical to them keeping jobs in the 8th District."

North Carolina exported $1.7 billion in goods to the CAFTA region in 2004, Hayes said, making it the third largest total behind Florida and Texas and "80 percent of North Carolina's exports to the region will be duty-free immediately."

In a telephone interview Thursday, Hayes said he had voted no when the clock ran out on CAFTA late Wednesday night, with the measure apparently headed to a 214-210 defeat. That's when House Speaker Dennis Hastert asked if Hayes was willing to switch.


IAHF & Allied Groups are going to be BLACKLISTING every member of congress who made the MISTAKE of abandoning their OATH to vote for CAFTA. We will be posting the roster on our websites and we're going to use this situation to keep the ball rolling.

I am heading for the PANLA CONFERENCE this coming week in Pennsylvania http://www.panla.org where I'll be addressing the CODEX International Threat to Health Freedom and I'll be showing Kevin Miller's documentary titled "WE BECOME SILENT" Please attend if you live anywhere in the vicinity of Harrisburg PA, I'll be selling copies of the DVD film for you to use to educate people in your area.

We need to get funds to Kevin Miller so that he can make an EXPANDED version of this film, because we'll clearly need it as a means of educating people if we are to have a chance of stopping FTAA which has even MORE treacherous harmonization language in it than CAFTA does.

I want to THANK each and every one of you who took the time to educate friends and neighbors and to get them to make calls to Congress. You might think from this that things are hopeless, and that we might as well give up. Some have emailed me to tell me they feel crushed and hopeless by this, but we can't allow ourselves to EVER give up!


When I was 16 years old, a tree fell on me in a tornado. I had an out of body experience that changed my life and I haven't been the same since. I was in a tent when it fell on me while I was on a canoe trip through the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate, New York.

I was not ready to go, my life had only just begun. It was the night of July 4, 1972. When we turned in for the night, it was eerily calm, but a thunderstorm came up quickly and the tornado came out of it sounding like a freight train bearing down on us. We had a false sense of security from being in the tent. I was curled up on my side holding up the front tent pole, while the guy in the back was curled up holding up the back tent pole. There were 3 of us sleeping across the width of a 2 man tent because one of our other tents had a hole in it that we hadn't repaired yet.

The guy in the middle was shining his flashlight on the side of the tent in a futile effort to dab water proofing stuff on it while the wind blew so hard it was blowing the rain right through the walls of the tent and we had to yell to be heard by the person next to us.

He saw the shadow of the tree as it fell, and grabbed my shoulder, slamming me flat so I wouldn't be in curled up position when it hit which could have broken my back or ribs, then he dived on top of the guy in the back to escape being hit himself.

I was tomahawked, and at first thought I'd been hit by lightening. It was the most excruciating pain I'd ever felt as my hip and pelvis were shattered, my bladder was ruptured and my urethra was ripped loose from my bladder.

I went hurtling through space at a high rate of speed, but wasn't ready to go. I was yelling over and over "No!No! No! No! as I came very close to crossing over to the other side. There were beings shining with white light on the other side, and it was a place of unconditional love that swept over me as I came closer like the tide sweeps over a beach at high tide, but I wasn't ready to go, and the next thing I knew I was snapped back as if attached to a bungee cord and was suspended about 30' above my body.

I saw the trail guide slash the tent open with his knife so the other two guys could climb over me and I saw them exit the tent. I saw the guide grab my wrist and check for a pulse which I knew he wasn't going to find. I didn't want him to worry, and I tried crying out "I'm not in there, but its OK, I tried to yell, but had no vocal cords and THATS when it fully hit me- "OH SHIT, I'M NOT IN MY BODY!" I was afraid. I wanted to go back in my body, but didn't know how.

Next thing I knew I was in the presence of our Creator. Neither of us had a physical form and he said "Its up to you, you can come with me, or you can go back into your body." Then I REALLY felt afraid, not knowing what to do, so I said "Can you tell me anything about what my life would be like if I choose to go back?" He replied: " Sorry, can't answer that, it would interfere with your free will."

Then I REALLY got scared and PLEADED with him to give me something, ANYTHING to go by (and in that moment I think I became a lobbyist). In any case, he said "Alright, but if I agree to respond to your question, I'll have to chose my words very carefully or it would interfere with your free will, and if I respond, you've got to promise me that you'll make a decision immediately after what I'm about to say."

I agreed.

He then said "All I can tell you is that if you decide to reenter your body, you will end up going through something far more painful even than recovering from this accident."

That was acceptable to me, and the next thing I knew "POOF!" I was back in my body, the trail guide was astonished because my eyes were open and suddenly I was giving him advice on how to rescue me. He'd been attempting CPR on me for 45 minutes and could not get a pulse, then all of a sudden my eyes were open and I was telling him not to try to move me without strapping me on a guerney because we didn't know if my neck or back were broken. I told him not to try to transport me in a canoe or runabout due to the lake being whipped up into whitecaps- to only transport me on a very stable vessel.

They got a motor catamaran from the Raquette Lake Rescue Squad designed to have a guerney fastened to the deck by quick release fasteners and carried me down the hill on a guerney to the boat. At the dock, they had an ambulance waiting and they had to hold the glucose bottles out the window to get the gravity feed.

They had to bring chainsaws with them and a pevey to move trees that had been felled across the road by the tornado and get me 100 miles through the wilderness to the hospital in Utica.

At one point they stopped at Old Forge to take xrays and to radio the results ahead to the hospital and to urge that a team of surgeons be airlifted in from NYC by helicopter, and I had a 7 hour long operation. When I came to, I was in intensive care in a body cast with tubes going in and out of me and they had injected me with demerol.

I was in the body cast for several months and had to learn to walk again and go through intensive physical therapy, but was playing baseball again not long after, so I bounced back fast.

I did end up going through something even more painful than this accident, and that was surviving 4 years mired in the psychiatric system, escaping only by smuggling in vitamins which I was forced to hide in a cavity in my foam mattress- http://www.iahf.com/on_the_back_wards.html

When people ask me the question "WHERE DOES THIS LEAVE US"? WHAT CAN WE DO NOW?

At this point, all I can tell you is that we need to PRAY. I can tell you with authority from being out of my body and from being on the edge of crossing over to the other side that there is a CREATOR who sees our struggle against the NEOCON TROTSKYITE SWINE who are selling our nation into bondage through this New World Order.

I can tell you with authority that we came into this world with nothing, and we leave with nothing. These Fat Cats who are trying to lay this crap on us can't take it with 'em when they go, and they will be held accountable for their crimes- all of this is a test- a test to see how we act, and no one "gets away" with anything at all.

We are witnesses to a crime, a crime of vast proportions, and we might not ever get the JUSTICE that we're striving for, but we HAVE TO TRY, and NEVER GIVE UP!!!

By the Grace of God I was able to recover from a life threatening illness through a suppressed alternative treatment mode, and by the Grace of God, I will do all in my power to defeat these traitors who ignored their oaths of office and voted for CAFTA.

I vow to make this a campaign issue in each of the districts where these traitors screwed us.

I vow to work with the OPPONENTS of eacy of these traitors, and I don't care which PARTY these opponents are with because I am not a Republican or Democrat.

In closing, we all need to THANK Ron Paul, and the others, of both parties who DID vote against CAFTA. See the roster here from the clerk http://clerk.house.gov/evs/2005/roll443.xml

Please take the time to send a quick email to those who DID STAND WITH US, those who DIDN'T, we're going to DRIVE FROM OFFICE.

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Please help if you possibly can and haven't already. See address below: