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Mary Burns - Thursday, February 21
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Portraits of an ArtistMARY F. BURNS
Portraits of an Artist
Thursday, February 21 at 7 PM

A tour de force of historical and psychological imagination. - Paula Marantz Cohen, author of What Alice Knew and Jane Austen in Scarsdale

Meet West Portal's own Mary Burns, author of The Woman Who Wrote the Bible and The West Portal Mysteries series. She will read from her new book, Portraits of an Artist, an imaginative historical novel that portrays the motivations and passions underlying John Singer Sargent’s creative force and brilliantly revealing art.

Sargent, once living in Paris and intimate with the fin de siecle celebrities there and in London and Venice, retreated in disgrace to London to start a new life. During this dark time, he produced two of his very finest paintings, the "Daughters of Edward Darley Boit" and "Madame X" - haunting portraits that both engage and puzzle the viewer.

Burns, book reviewer for the Historical Novel Society and member of the HNS Conference board of directors, has won a number of short story contests, including the JerryJazzMusician Short Fiction contest, and the 15th Dame Lisbet Throckmorton short fiction contest.

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