Richard Herring Newsletter
MAY 2017
May May. Corbyn Mayn't.
Life is crazy busy as usual, as I prepare to hit my 50th birthday and move to the countryside (as is the law for those in their 50s) in the next couple of months. Plus more life adventures that you may hear about in due course.
Here's another newsletter with news about the return of RHEFP, Oh Fr*g I'm 50! The Best and more.
Plus self-playing snooker reaches new heights.
The Best
Not many dates left now.
In Reading last night, during the interval, I played a frame of Me1 vs Me2 snooker. It was embarrassing. You can listen to it here. I can't do this at every gig, but may have another go in St Albans on May 12th.
Alas I didn't quite keep up with my 100+ in the audience resolution with only 98 making it to Camberley and 70 or so at Radlett, but otherwise numbers have held good (with 500 in in Reading!) It seems my career is staggering on.
But here are the remaining gigs
28th Exeter
30th Swindon
5th Dorking (nearly sold out)
6th Belfast (nearly sold out)
7th Dublin (nearly sold out)
11th Oxford (SOLD OUT)
12th St Albans (with Me1 vs Me2 Snooker)
13th Shrewsbury (nearly sold out)
We are not planning to record a DVD of this show, so come and see it LIVE! Please spread the word if you've seen the show and enjoyed it.
I am continuing to put up rare bits and bobs for sale on ebay in order to raise cash for the podcasts. The pick of the current bunch is the proof copy of the Emergency Questions book. Read it before anyone else and own one of only two proof copies (and we plan to ebay off the other as 8 separate lots, so you will have the only complete one. Some other cool and rare stand up and podcast bits too.
The RHLSTP notebook with all the questions and autographs and stuff ended up not selling in the end, as the top bidder withdrew, but we have come up with a plan that means it can go to a regular and not super rich fan. We're going to sell nicely put together copies of the notebook and everyone who buys one will be put into a draw and one of you will get the actual notebook instead of a facsimile. We'll let you know when you can get involved with that. Be nice if this plan raised enough to fund the new series, but I expect another kickstarter will be required later in the year.
I am performing my new show "Oh Fr*g, I'm 50!" at Pleasance One at 7.30pm every day of the Fringe (except the final Sunday). You can buy tickets for it already here.
If you can't make it to the Fringe check out my previews in my gig guide. And I will be doing a tour of some kind of this show, but it might not be as massive as the current one (I don't think).
I am also doing three RHEFPs at New Town Theatre, Grand Hall. August 4th, 11th and 18th at  13.50. I thought I was booking myself in for Saturdays, but it turns out those are Fridays. But hopefully people will still come. Tickets will be available on 11th May. I am aiming to chat to some of the biggest names at the Fringe. It should be fun. These will, of course, be released as podcasts. As soon, my whole life will be.
As always there is a chance to get your name in my Edinburgh and tour programme, as well as receiving your own signed and numbered limited edition copy of the programme. Simply donate £15 or more (the more you donate, the bigger your name will appear) on my justgiving page. All the money will go straight to SCOPE. We've raised over £10,000 in the collection buckets on the current tour already and over £300,000 since 2004, so please keep up your support for this amazing charity.
The new series of RHLSTP will start in June. Tickets are on sale, so book now. I have a couple of guests booked in and will be letting the monthly badgers know some names next week. Worth booking ahead for any of the gigs though. They're always good value.
You can watch the series on video on Youtube
(also vimeo and iTunes)
Or listen at the British Comedy Guide
I will also be recording a bonus RHLSTP at the Wells Comedy Festival in May.
Sorry for the delay on the final RHLSTP kickstarter rewards, but they should be with you soon. The book is finally at the printers.
We are edging closer to releasing these. Hopefully the first three full length episodes should be up on the secret channel in the next fortnight. We will then edit them down a bit for free release on youtube and such like.
If you want to be amongst the pioneers who view this stuff first (and at full length) then simply pay £15 here. You will get all the episodes first and loads of extras and also be helping us to pay the final bills of this optimistically budgeted series.
Everything Happens For No Reason
Still no news on this, but that just means the person who decides hasn't seen it yet. Once she has we will have an answer more or less straight away.
Hope you're having a good Ed Balls day, but when is x x day etc?
Richard Herring