Media Release
Thursday March 16th 2017
Equality advocates say Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton, is trying to curb the free speech of marriage equality supporters. 
On today's Ray Hadley’s Morning Show Mr Dutton criticised the CEOs of twenty of Australia’s most successful corporations for writing to the Prime Minister calling for the Government to achieve marriage equality.
Dutton, a firm opponent to marriage equality, said the CEOs should focus on their businesses.
“Leave it up to the politicians, the leaders, to talk back hosts such as yourself, to normal people that can have those discussions.”
National campaigner for just.equal, Ivan Hinton-Teoh, said,
“All Australians should be free to voice their views and lobby politicians, including those business leaders who support marriage equality."
"Many CEOs recognise the importance of equality for their employees and customers and have a right to represent that to law-makers."
“It’s not appropriate for a Government minister to attempt to shut down views he doesn't agree with.”
Directly after condemning the overwhelmingly nationwide criticism of Coopers Brewery for its involvement in a video appearing to make light of the issue, Mr Dutton said the twenty CEOs advocating for marriage equality “need to be publicly shamed.”
Mr Hinton-Teoh said,
“The freedom to discuss issues of public concern is a freedom we all hold dear. The country has been debating marriage equality for more than 13 years. In that time every other English speaking western nation has had the debate, achieved the reform and moved on.”
“In the absence of political movement on marriage equality it’s only right that community members who find themselves in positions of power and influence use it to raise the issue, standing with the majority of Australians who wish the reform to pass.”
At the end of the interview, Mr Dutton said,
“It’s high time these people pull back from these moralistic stances. We’d be a better society without them.”
Support from some of the largest corporations In the United States was critical in advancing the campaign for marriage equality.
Mr Hinton-Teoh said,
“Each of us have a role to play in championing for the rights of LGBTI Australians to achieve the dignity, respect and equal legal treatment other citizens already enjoy. I welcome the support of some of Australia’s most respected corporate leaders. With their support the lives of countless Australians will be improved.”

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