Richard Herring Newsletter
September 2016
Loads of things are happening!
Hi all
I am back from a very bizarre holiday in Warsaw Indiana, which I am sure you will hear a lot more about in the coming months. Look there's a bottle of "Seal Ya Later" pop, commemorating the killing of Osama Bin Laden. It's the only soft drink you are allowed to drink in America.
But the vacation (sorry I now speak like an American) is over and my schedule is as ram-packed as a Virgin train (is ram-packed even a phrase? What does Jeremy Corbyn do with those rams?).
Here's what's coming up
We're making 34 video episodes of RHLSTP this year (hopefully) and foolishly we've already made 16 of those without any kind of backing. So we need your help if we're going to keep filming them.
We've come up with some rather nice kickstarter reward to raise the £70,000 needed (it would be more but we used the June and July badge money to soften the blow a little). Have a look at all the levels here.
You can get a badge or a T shirt designed by top cartoonist Leon Edler (from off of the Guardian) or a book of hundreds of emergency questions so you can play RHLSTP with your friends and enemies. There's even a chance to be a guest and get a DVD of your interview.
The reward looking most likely to sell out first is the signed book with additional hand-written emergency question just for you, so be quick if you want that one.
We'll be in a bit of a hole if this fails and we won't be able to film series 10, so if you have enjoyed these podcasts, but not contributed yet, every single pound will help.
And of course you can come and see the new series of RHLSTP being recorded (the audio will continue even if the video does not) every Monday in October and November. No confirmed guests as yet, but it looks like Sarah Millican will be making a return and there's loads of other exciting possibilities.
Series 9 is still going out. Sofie Hagen has been added this week and there's still Russell Kane, Tim Minchin, Ellis James and Tom Parry to come (as well as some audio interviews I did at the Great Yorkshire Fringe, one with the amazing Mark Addy). You can watch the series on video on Youtube
(also vimeo and iTunes)
Or listen at the British Comedy Guide
I am really excited about AIOTM and the first studio recording is almost upon us. We've done a few days filming and we have people working on music and cartoons and set design and toaster robots. The shows will not be out until 2017, though we are planning on doing 6 short audio episodes (with different material to the final shows) which will go out asap after the recordings.
It will really help if we have lots of people in the audience, both in terms of making the show go better and giving us more money to spend on filming sketches and making toaster robots. The first show is about half sold out (the others selling slowly at the moment), so if you are a fan of AIOTM and want to see us put the show together then please buy tickets to the live shows here.
If you donated to the kickstarter campaign we're starting to put the rewards together now. The channel of extra behind the scenes interviews, out-takes and I would imagine quite a large amount of original stuff from the shows that won't make it into the shorter free versions is now live with a Warsaw travelogue and a couple of other bits. Loads more to come.
If you missed the bus on that, we will be providing £15 passes to view all the extra material at some point.
Or you will also get it on your exclusive secret channel if you  donate a pound or more a month here.
I am doing one more performance of Happy Now? at the Stratford-upon-Avon Arts House on 9th September. Buy your tickets here.
We are working on the DVD release at the moment and it should hopefully be out in the next few months (though I am keeping Chris Evans -not that one- pretty busy at the moment).
The Best
My next tour which will be a Best Of... called Richard Herring: The Best.
Gigs are being added all the time. Check my gig guide for all the confirmed ones.
Most of them are in 2017, but here's the ones coming up sooner than that
23rd September Cheltenham
6th October Sheffield
2nd November Manchester
8th December Bridgwater
Podcast Festival
I will be interviewing Dan Shreiber from the No Such Thing As A Fish podcast at Kings Place on 24th September at 4.30pm as part of this Festival of Podcasts.
TV and Radio
Still waiting to hear what Channel 4 make of my my Alternate Universe sitcom "Everything Happens (for no reason)" (though early feedback has been good).
I am starting work on my new Radio 4  sitcom Relativity. It should be out in the summer of 2017. There will be four episodes. So that's something.
Other September gigs
14th Colston Hall Bristol (15 mins in charity gig)
25th Bedford Balham Laugh For Life
I have a lot of writing to do. So I'd better go and do it. Thanks so much for all your support and feedback.
I have just found out that there's a new Goodnight Sweetheart on tonight (why didn't anyone tell me?) so I'll probably have to live tweet that. @Herring1967 if you're not following me already.
Richard Herring