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Prevention plays а key role in the sustainable waste management.
In the present edition of our e-bulletin we continue the topic of hazardous waste and introduce ProfisBG. The company is an exhibitor at "Save the Planеt" 2015 and offers a wide range of products ensuring environmental protection.
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ProfisBG is going to help you protect your employees and maintain your workplace, by taking measures designed to prevent accidents. The company specializes in the search for solutions for the managing of industrial and hazardous waste. It has been developing its activity since 2005 and is now an established, reliable and trustworthy partner for its clients.

During the exhibition the company is going to present actual solutions for the handling and storage of flammable materials. The certified containers provide the safe transfusion, dosing and overall use of aggressive liquids; bins with automatic lids and adjustable airflow are reliable solution for greasy rags, sponges and others. SureGrip EX cabinets with double walls and vents allow the storage of hazardous liquids and eliminate the risk of fire, taking into account the provisions of law.

Apart from the storage of volatile materials, ProfisBG is also your partner in the protection of spills, leaks and their removal. Catchment tanks made from polyethylene, fiberglass and metal grip allow the eventual spill of oil, petroleum products and other chemicals; melt-blown polypropylene sorbents absorb up to 40 times more than sawdust and help the absorption and protection from drops, splashes of oils, fuels and other chemicals. The wide selection of towels, socks and pillows provides the clients with a good protection choice inside the factory as well as outside amongst running water and reservoirs.
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