Hi everyone,

Over the past 15 years, you've seen countless pro-Buffalo t-shirts lining store windows and sales tables. Some are comfortable and creative, and we each have a few. Most others are oversized and ridiculous, with stretched-out necks accompanying giant cartoon stereotypes and elaborate slogans. The regional simplicity that embodies Buffalonians has been missing.

1832, formed by four guys from the Queen City of the Lakes, plans to change this problem-for good.

Named in honor of the year the city of Buffalo was founded, 1832 produces stylish, comfortable Buffalo-themed t-shirts and sweatshirts for people tired of buying stretched-out, obnoxious tees suitable only as freebie giveaways for your uncle Lou at lawn fetes. These shirt--sold at The Harp about a month back--are for the ambitious runner in Delaware Park, as well as the enthusiastic tailgater on Abbott Road. They're for the Genesee drinker at the Old Pink, for the coffee drinker at Spot. They're for Mondays at UB, or for Fridays at HSBC. Most importantly, they're for Buffalonians--at home and around the country.

This an opportunity to wear local pride no matter what your zip code is. When you have a minute, please visit their Web site at www.1832tees.com and check them out -- they make great Christmas presents!

Believe in 1832. Believe in Buffalo.