Volume II, Issue 35                                                                              June 11, 2009

 The Spotlight:

This highly themed roller coaster was introduced in 1995 and removed ten years later.  The unique ride was one of a kind, and featured many innovations and first of their kind elements.  The ride quickly lost its popularity, developing a reputation for its rough ride, and when it was removed to make way for El Toro, few tears were shed.
Announcing our new book and postcards:

Both are scheduled for release in August, and the book is available now
for pre-order through Barnes & Noble and Amazon
or you will be able to purchase the book at the park!
The book features more than 200 photos, many never seen before, and chronicles
the design, construction and all of the changes in the park for the past 35 years.

We've got some BIG things planned for July!
We'll be celebrating, and you're invited...

Celebrating 35 years
of Great Adventures!

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