Alba Lua
‘Ballad of Joseph Merrick’
Release Date: June 28th 2010

Listen/download the EP HERE

Label: Satellite of Love records
Cat No: SOL003


‘It is as if Neil Young had played for Spacemen 3 while drinking sangria in a Tapas Bar’ -  Vice Magazine
Alba Lua - Pepo Durantez (lead-vocals/rhythm guitar) Pascal Hoerner (lead guitar/vocals/ bass) and Renoi Jacob Mathieu (drums and percussion) - hail from Bordeaux, a city with a beguiling cultural image. On the surface it would appear to evolve mostly around wine but take a closer a look and you will find a thriving rock scene. The city’s Bar and Club caves play host to musicians with diverse musical references, from the Sergio Leone inspired Alba Lua, to the Post Punk Shake-down of Adam Kesher and the infamous Pop-Rape of Kap Bambino. Speak to most people in Paris and they will testify the fact that Bordeaux appears to be producing some of most precocious and interesting talent in the French music scene. An unlikely setting, you might say, but it is exactly this sentiment that is central to Alba Lua, their name being ‘a Spanish Portuguese association and it means the "moon of the dawn"- it describes that moment when something appears in some place where it shouldn't, and what first seems out of the blue shows in fact a real beauty.’
Recorded in Barcelona, produced by New York born Dave Bianchi, (an "Unusually brilliant producer" notes La Vanguardia)Ballad of Joseph Merrick’ captures the band’s live dynamic a sound that has been perfectly summarized by Vice as ‘Syd Barrett sound tracking a spaghetti western - eccentric, reverb-heavy, dreamy pop music.’  and mastered by Kelly Hibbert (who’s work includes mixing for J-Dilla and Guilty Simpson), their debut EP,
‘Ballad of Joesph Merrick’ is a statement of exploration of their influences – Masaoka Shiki, Gérard de Nerval, History, Dreams, Girls, Animals, Wine, Nietzsche, the Goddess Dionysus, Mythology, Love and Hate and Nature as well as the previously mentioned, Sergio Leone. From the literary homage of the EP’s title track, to the natural midway glare of ‘Sungaze,’ and the existentially ambiguous EP closer of ‘Valley of Abra’,
Having already played extensively in France and Spain, supported Noah and the Whale, played a handful of shows in the UK and have their debut album scheduled for early 2011, expect to see much more from this unashamedly original band.



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