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ETIP Bioenergy
Work started for the implementation plan of SET-Plan Action 8 – renewable fuels and bioenergy

The Temporary Working Group for the preparation of the Implementation Plan of SET-Plan Action 8 "Renewable fuels and bioenergy" will start its activities this October. The purpose of the Implementation Plan is to identify R&I activities covering short, mid and long-term actions, to achieve the targets set in the Declaration of Intent adopted in November 2016. Specifically, the Implementation Plan for Action 8 will identify the actions needed for the development of competitive solutions for renewable &alternative fuels and bioenergy in the EU.

The Temporary Working Group is composed of stakeholder experts representing industries and research institutions, and government official representatives nominated by Member States. The core team of the TWG is chaired by National Representatives from Finland and Italy and co-chaired by ETIP Bioenergy. The Secretariat of the TWG is led by EC DG JRC, together with EC DG Energy and EC DG RTD.

As an industry-led platform and a formally recognised interlocutor of the DG Research and Innovation, ETIP Bioenergy will be the driving force to involve all European bioenergy and biofuel stakeholders in the discussion and to coordinate their inputs to the plan.

Activities of the TWG will include, among others, the selection of specific R&I actions at European, national/regional levels needed to reach the targets set by the Declaration of Intent; the definition of a time-plan and potential sources of funding for these actions; future Joint Actions; the set-up of a monitoring system to measure the progress towards the targets; make the outcome of the TWG public and available via the SETIS website. The kick-off meeting of the TWG for Action 8 will be held next week in Brussels, the Implementation Plan should be drafted within three to five months.

New factsheets available: Aviation biofuels, bioenergy-RES hybrids, marine biofuels

  This new set of factsheets developed by Bioenergy2020+ provides a quick overview on the status of development, the drivers and the market opportunities for three of the most promising applications of bioenergy.

Aviation biofuels: standards and definitions, policy and regulatory drivers, the sustainable production pathways approved for aviation biofuels, the airlines using and the airports distributing aviation biofuels.

Bioenergy RES Hybrid facilities: what is a bioenergy RES hybrid technology, most common categories of hybrid technologies, the concept of "prosumers".

Marine biofuels marine engines and marine biofuels production technologies, drivers and barriers.

Monitoring the bioenergy sector- a perspective from the 25th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition - EUBCE

Continuous monitoring the bioenergy sector is one of the tasks of the ETIP Bioenergy SABS project, and targets eight topics: biomass resources, supply systems, conversion technologies, biorefinery concepts, end products, policy and sustainability, market analysis from the demand side and regional information. A special focus is put on the main focal bioenergy areas for ETIP Bioenergy, that is advanced bioenergy conversion pathways and their implementation. All of these topics are addressed extensively at the annual European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EUBCE), whose technical programme is shaped by a scientific committee of over 140 experts and is coordinated by the European Commission, Joint Research Centre.  

This report provides a quick and easy overview of the most relevant presentations and the main highlights collected in the proceedings of the 25th edition of the European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, which was held in Stockholm from 12 to 15 June 2017. The event featured 850 presentations, 2 parallel events and 5 workshops. The report offers a selection of the main findings about the topics relevant for the terms of reference of ETIP Bioenergy, with a short summary per each presentation and the link for direct download of the relative paper and slides, or poster.

All the other papers, slides, poster included in the Proceedings of the 25th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition are open access and can be downloaded here.

Workshop report - Bioenergy from Research to Market Deployment

  On 14th June 2017 ETIP-Bioenergy together with the Biomass Sustaining the Future (BESTF) project and ERA-Net Bioenergy, co-organized a workshop entitled Bioenergy from Research to Market Deployment bridging the gap between research, demo and industry and strengthening market uptake of bioenergy technologies. Hosted in the framework of the 25thEUBCE, the workshop was attended by over 50 participants coming from research, industry and governmental organizations at EU level. The workshop covered extensively on how to achieve an efficient and remunerative connection between research discoveries, demonstration projects and needs from the industry. Particularly interesting was the panel discussion on analysing the potential priorities at research, development and innovation level and how they can be sustained by integration of national and EU funding.

A comprehensive summary report of the workshop can be found here. All the slides of the workshop can be freely downloaded from the Proceedings of the 25th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, in the section: Additional Content/Parallel Events.

Upcoming Events

Workshop-The next Green Revolution
17 October 2017, Brussels
Organized by Wageningen U.R. this workshop will highlight the urgency of increasing global agricultural productivity and will present Photosynthesis 2.0, an initiative for a very large scale 10-year research programme proposed by WUR to launch at the onset of the 9th Framework Programme (2020).

SET-Plan Conference 2017
29 November - 1 December 2017 Bratislava, Slovkia
The 10th annual SET Plan conference conjoined with the 11th Central European Energy Conference (CEEC XI) is held under the auspices of the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the EU. In 2017 the SET Plan marks its 10th year anniversary. The conference will review the role of the SET Plan as the technological pillar of the EU energy policy, including its achievements over the last decade.

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