Richard Herring Newsletter
JUNE 2017
June news (but no Terry news)
Hey ho, it's all happening this year isn't it?
Look at that little fella there, blowing the smoke off that gun (or lost in thought like some kind of foetal Rodin sculpture). That, my friends is Booz Herring, who should be arriving some time around October to add more beautiful chaos to my already out-of-control life. He is, to quote the medical professional who seemed to take a long time trying to focus an X ray machine on his genitalia (I think I should maybe report them to someone) "rather prominently" a boy. Like father like son. Sadly for Booz, if he is like me, his genitals will never get any bigger than they are. But you learn to deal with it. Having foetal genitals as an adult is at least a talking point.
Plus I've had two sexes and produced two children, so I think that makes me a winner.
On top of this we are moving out to the countryside in the next six weeks. So thank goodness I am not about to embark on doing 16 more podcasts and writing a new show for Edinburgh - wait, what? I am doing those things. Holy shit.
Could you please come to them all. I think I am going to need the money.
The Best
Perhaps foolishly, buoyed by the strong sales in February, we added another final three dates of my 2017 tour show "The Best" in London in June. There are plenty of tickets left, so come along if you missed it and if you saw it and enjoyed it, please tell your friends.
Thanks to everyone who has come to this tour. It's been a lot of fun and the show has gone from strength to strength and the sales have been very encouraging.
Here's the link to tickets for remaining dates
We are not planning to record a DVD of this show, so come and see it LIVE! Please spread the word if you've seen the show and enjoyed it.
The new series of RHLSTP is nearly upon on us and there are some awesome guests lined up, with just one slot left to confirm (but even that is probably filled with a big TV name).
Here's who is coming on
June 5th Joe Thomas (from the Inbetweeners) and  Paul Merton (nearly sold out)
June 12th Jessica Knappett from Drifters and Adam Buxton (SOLD OUT. PUT NAME DOWN FOR RETURNS)
June 19th Zoe Lyons and Andrew Collins (COME ON)
June 26th Dan Skinner (aka Angelos Epithemiou) and David Baddiel
July 3rd Katy Brand and JULIAN CLARY
July 10th Arthur Smith and LIMMY
July 17th Brendon Burns and Craig Quartermaine + TBC
July 24th Sara Pascoe and Ed Byrne.
Tickets are on sale, so book now. I think there's a good chance that nearly all of these will sell out. It's the best line-up of any series, I'd say.
You can watch the series on video on Youtube
(also vimeo and iTunes)
Or listen at the British Comedy Guide
A bonus audio podcast with Bec Hill from the Wells Comedy Festival will be up as soon as I can get it uploaded.
And the kickstarter rewards for the last series of RHLSTP are almost done. The Emergency Question books are finally here and they look AMAZING. If you didn't donate to the kickstarter you can get the books from me after my gigs, or from gofasterstripe (will be available soon) and I am also auctioning off some of the signed and numbered books and the rare proof pages on Ebay. All the money from the sales of the books and auction items will be ploughed back into making more podcasts. It's a win/win.
We're not doing a kickstarter for the new series yet, but will probably do one for all this year's RHLSTPs in the autumn. We have some other schemes to raise money, but it would be awesome, if you like the podcasts and think they are worth £12 a year, if you'd think about becoming a monthly badger. You can donate any amount above a pound that you want and in return you get a badge, a secret email with details of guests before anyone else, access to a secret channel of backstage interviews and entry into a monthly draw for amazing prizes. Here's a video with some of the stuff you might win if you sign up before May 31st (and you're then in every subsequent draw, one entry per pound a month you're giving).
I am performing my new show "Oh Fr*g, I'm 50!" at Pleasance One at 7.30pm every day of the Fringe (except the final Sunday). You can buy tickets for it already here.
If you can't make it to the Fringe check out my previews in my gig guide. And I will be doing a tour of some kind of this show.
I am also doing three RHEFPs at New Town Theatre, Grand Hall. August 4th, 11th and 18th at  13.50. Buy tickets here.
As always there is a chance to get your name in my Edinburgh and tour programme, as well as receiving your own signed and numbered limited edition copy of the programme. Simply donate £15 or more (the more you donate, the bigger your name will appear) on my justgiving page. All the money will go straight to SCOPE. I am a bit behind on writing the programme so you have at least until the end of this week to be included and probably longer.
We have been set back a little in our schedule due to technical problems. Hopefully the first three long episodes will be up on the secret channel soon, with the shorter free ones following on.
If you want to be amongst the pioneers who view this stuff first (and at full length) then simply pay £15 here. You will get all the episodes first and loads of extras and also be helping us to pay the final bills of this optimistically budgeted series.
Everything Happens For No Reason
Still waiting to hear on this. The delay is not necessarily bad news. It just hasn't gone to the big boss yet. Fingers crossed.
Energy Suppliers
This one is not strictly relevant to my work, but after struggling with some of the big name energy suppliers I found out about a small company called Bulb who provide renewable energy and were cheaper than the company that I had struggled to get my supply with. The customer service was great too. I slag loads of companies off so it's nice to recommend someone if they have done well. They are not paying me to say this, so if they turn out to be rubbish I will certainly let you know, but I have been impressed by them.
But if you like what they do and want to switch if you use this link then you will get a £50 credit and so will I. Which is a nice way for us both to get something without either of us having to give anything away.
But even if you don't go with Bulb, it's worth checking that you're not being ripped off by your current supplier. I was recommended this site for comparison, which is really good.
  Oh look, we're also getting a new puppy, cos our house won't be full enough, will it? She's a cross between a Husky and a German Shepherd. Oh how I miss the days when I was alone and had no responsibilites.
Have a great June. I hope it is filled with you laughing at Emergency Questions. Buy the book. I think it might the most compactly amusing thing I have ever produced
Richard Herring