IAHF List-

I am back from the ACAM meeting in San Diego where Rob Vekerk from the Alliance for Natural Health (UK), Suzanne Harris from the Law Loft, and I all made presentations before a solid turnout of alternative medical practitioners and vitamin companies about the Codex International Threat to Health Freedom.

The program was MCed by Jonathan Wright, MD who did a superb job and who deserves all of our heartfelt thanks along with Steve Levine and Fred Solmon from Allergy Research Group/ Nutricology who made the meeting possible.

I'm feeling burned out in the aftermath of this trip and have not yet had time to put together the complete report about what happened in San Diego due to a lot of followup work I've had to do right away, but I'll be getting a complete report out to you shortly. The Thanksgiving holiday is upon us here in the US, so by the weekend after I've gorged myself on Turkey and cranberry sauce and watched my fill of football on the tube and spent some time with family, I hope to have the complete report out to you.

I just wanted to send this email right away because some of you wanted to know what happened. We made a DVD of the program, and I have to learn how to make copies on a new computer that I haven't yet set up which has a DVD burner.

I am hoping to set the DVD up on the web on streaming video, if possible.

A lot of alternative doctors and vitamin companies who heard our presentation were STUNNED by the enormity of what lies before us.

We made clear that the World Health Organization has a deadline of December 10th for their call for comments re risk analysis for vitamins. ANH is going to be making an in depth response to that call, and will be doing major PR work to get their response before the media in the hope that the WHO won't just ignore it.

We outlined a multipronged plan of attack via which to fight back.

I would like you guys to try to get at least 1000 new people signed on to the IAHF list in the next few days, because when I do send you the complete report from the ACAM meeting in San Diego, we need to hit the ground running.

Where theres a will, there is always a way.

You will all be glad to know that there was an uncommon synergy between IAHF, ANH, and the Law Loft as we worked together to develop Power Point Presentations and to coordinate our presentations for this program, and that we did one hell of a lot of really solid networking at ACAM. A lot got accomplished.

I want to thank those of you who made contributions to IAHF to help send me to San Diego.
When you get my full report in a few days you'll see fully that your trust in my was not misplaced.

There is much work to do. Soon as I get unburned out, I'll provide the details you're craving... meanwhile............ please get this out to a lot more people and urge them to sign on, there is real safety in numbers. We're on the verge of getting the proverbial "hundredth monkey" syndrome kicking in as a lot more people are waking up to reality world wide.

We can yet snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.
While you're waiting for my complete report from San Diego, please check out this interesting website with a solid article detailing the FDA's latest headaches over the Vioxx fiasco as well as much other pertinent info: http://www.reformthefda.org/

Seems to me that FDA's latest headaches as illustrated by the Vioxx fiasco really illustrate that we're up against a dead paradigm: we're pushing Newtonian physics off the cliff where it belongs, and we're helping usher in Einstein's Quantum Mechanics once and for all. There is no idea like an IDEA WHOSE TIME HAS COME, and the time to usher in a Systems based paradigm which embraces orthomolecular medicine, chinese 5 element theory, and other holistic healing modes which move beyond the FDA's "business with disease" is NOW!!

Where there is no vision, the people perish.

In stark contrast to an Astroturf (fake grass roots) entity in our midst that is attempting to sabotage our efforts, IAHF, ANH, and the Law Loft have vision. The Astroturfers have been tipping their hand in numerous ways and more and more people are seeing through them.

We have outlined a plan via which we can fight back successfully to thwart what the FDA is trying to do to us via Codex, and you're going to hear about it in my next e-letter, so be sure to urge your friends and family to sign onto the IAHF list. Americans: please call your friends and family on Thanksgiving day and alert them to the need to sign on to the IAHF list at http://www.iahf.com