Temple Beth Am Library Minyan June 2013
From the Rosh
Dear Library Minyan kahal: 

On the next two Shabbatot, the Library Minyan will be continuing its custom of honoring graduating 8th and 12th graders from throughout Temple Beth Am (whether they attend Pressman Academy or other schools). The High School Graduates' Shabbat will be June 8, and the Middle School Graduates' Shabbat will be June 15. In the past, these have been very special and meaningful Shabbatot, and I am excited to see that this year many young people have signed up to lead davening and read Torah and Haftarah. 

This year I have a special request. I would like these two Shabbatot to be alcohol-free events.This means that we will have grape juice only, not wine, at the Kiddush, and it also means that I respectfully ask that you leave any celebratory bottles of scotch or other alcoholic beverages home for these next two Saturdays. 
Even as we recognize the maturity and growth of the teens we will be honoring, we must also recognize that our tasks as role-models continues. It would send a positive message for our graduating 8th and 12th graders to see that it is possible to celebrate and rejoice without alcohol.
I understand that there is such a thing as responsible drinking, that the Kiddush is a sacred use of wine, and that wine and spirits have long had their place in Jewish traditions. Nevertheless, the Kiddush can be validly made over grape juice, and I believe that forgoing wine and scotch for only two Shabbatot when we will be honoring many young people in the kahal is reasonable. Thank you for understanding, and Mazal Tov to our graduates!

Scott Taryle
Rosh of the Library Minyan
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