IAHF List: If You Forwarded My Article "Dietary Supplements Under Stealth Global Attack" out to anyone, please note that it contained an error which I have just spotted and corrected and you should alert anyone you may have forwarded or given this to and give them a corrected version. [see below]

The accumulated effects of fatigue are taking their toll. Last night I missed the first 15 minutes of the radio show with Rick Barber because I did not hear the wakeup call they gave me at 11:30 pm, and past midnight I groggily realized a 303 area code number for Denver was being announced by my audio caller ID and I woke bolt upright in bed and realized that I was supposed to be on the air. I was on from 12:15 am to about 2:30 am and did a pretty good job considering I almost didn't wake up at all.

When I was on the air on the Rick Barber radio show I noticed an error in an article of mine that I sent all of you recently and which was also submitted to Natural Muscle and Fitness Magazine.

I have alerted the editor, and it frustrates me that I didn't catch this before submitting it for publication and it would have already gone to the printer so its too late for her to change it.

*****I incorrectly stated that the 28th Session of Codex was from APRIL 4-9th, when I MEANT to say JULY 4-9th.

I have CORRECTED my mistake in both the condensed version of the article and also the FULL version on my website, and have also inserted a comment so that ALL vitamin consumers will realize that the article doesn't JUST pertain to body builders.

You will find the CORRECTED condensed version which I had asked you to distribute to health food stores HERE http://www.iahf.citymaker.com/articles/article/1798503/23816.htm

and the FULL version here:

My apologies for any trouble this may have caused. Aside from this one error which has now been corrected, its a good article and it deserves widespread distribution.