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6th August 2013
  • Superchunk->> Confirm Headline London show. 'I Hate Music' is Released on 19th Aug via Merge
  • NUMERO RECORDS: Coming Soon...... Rokk, Centaura, Eccentric Soul: The Forte Label, Unwound and Purple Snow
RELEASED 19th August
(Dead Oceans) 
"this is an album of joyously abstracted rapture, trading earthbound sorrows for a narcotic serenity and soul-stirring beauty that leaves the real world feeling reassuringly distant." MOJO
01. Offing
02. The Harbinger
03. One Half
04. Look Into Your Own Mind
05. Pyrrhic
06. Labyrinthine
07. Forever
08. Adventurer of the Family
09. Crystal Lake
10. Waving To You
In ancient Greek literature, nepenthe was a magic drug of forgetfulness used to wipe out grief and sorrow. The title suggested itself to Julianna, who experienced a death in her own family in the middle of making the record, but it also refers to the music consoling her during the isolation she was going through – on her own, in a foreign country with a terrible internet connection – during the sessions. Nepenthe's heady potion is about moving forward, finding a way through difficult times – of retaining a feeling of hope.  
"Everything I was making was visceral – the record represents some serious emotional stuff," she confirms, while at the same time she raves with enormous positivity about the unique recording environment. Alex Somers (musician/producer of Sigur Rós, Jónsi, Jónsi & Alex) invited her to Iceland in the first place. For Julianna, who was blown away at a Sigur Rós show in 2002, it was a dream come true. "That was the fastest email I ever wrote: 'Yes!' Who would say no to that?" Somers produced and engineered the record and brought in local Icelandic musicians who turned out to make crucial contributions: string ensemble Amiina, guitarist Róbert Sturla Reynisson from múm, and a choir of teenage girls.  
Nepenthe is intimate without being introspective. Instead it’s a radiant array of light-dappled choral works, drawing a powerful sense of hope from the depths of despair. The extra musicians have rounded out her sound, emphasizing the yearning mood, the reaching towards the light.
Julianna Barwick's music is the real deal: a life-affirming work of importance, interest… and sheer beauty. 

29-Aug UK London St Giles Church
31-Aug UK Dorset End of The Road (Tipi Stage,  4pm)
I Hate Music
"ultimately the album stands in euphoric, unrepentant denial of it's own title" Mojo
"Impassioned, sparking with energy and absurdly bouncy, it's a reminder of everything the North Carolina quartet did well - full-throttle drive, fizzing, Catherine wheel-melodies and buzz-saw riffs…." Uncut
Superchunk will release I Hate Music, their tenth studio album, on 19th August. The band has also announced tour dates throughout the late summer and autumn in the US and are in the process of booking their first European shows in thirteen years, which will include a performance at ATP’s ‘End of An Era’ Part 2 at Camber Sands alongside a headline London show on 3rd December.
After taking nearly a decade off following the release of Here’s to Shutting Up, Mac, Laura, Jon, and Jim decided to shout it out again in 2010 with Majesty Shredding, an album perfectly described by its own title. It’s a celebratory set of whoa-whoa-whoas from a group so thrilled by making music together again that they can’t contain themselves.
I Hate Music, is Majesty’s dark twin. It’s similarly aggressive—often moreso (see “Staying Home”)—and every bit as energetic. It reflects the joys of a life spent immersed in music (“Me & You & Jackie Mittoo,” “Trees of Barcelona”), but there’s a dark undercurrent as well. That title isn’t tongue-in-cheek, but it’s really more a question than a statement: When you’re 20, lazy co-workers and romantic missteps number among your biggest worries; two decades later, life’s bigger questions knock louder and louder, demanding answers.
I Hate Music is an album about love more than anything else: love of life, love of living, love of people, and yeah, love of music. It defies its own title so completely and diligently that it never even seems like a fair fight: There’s no pain this deep or yearning this severe without the type of love earned over a lifetime. “I hate music – what is it worth? / Can’t bring anyone back to this earth” goes the first line in “Me & You & Jackie Mittoo.” That song and its ten companions can’t relive the past or resurrect those lost, but they can keep them close enough to see and hear and celebrate. It’s dark in here, but if we conjure the right words and sounds, maybe we’ll find our way out.

29-Nov -
01-Dec UK Camber Sands ATP: End Of An Era Part 2
03-Dec UK London Electric Ballroom
w/ Girls Against Boys
01. Overflows
03. Void
04. Staying Home
05. Low F
06. Trees of Barcelona
07. Breaking Down
08. Out of the Sun
09. Your Theme
10. FOH
11. What Can We Do
Crimes of Passion
(Zoo Music) 
"a mix of simple melody that wouldn’t have been out of place on the jukebox of a 50s diner, combined with pro-tool tech and a fuzzbox - a perfectly consummated marriage of British indie and Californian vibes." The Quietus
01. I Like It In The Dark
02. Marquis De Sade
03. Cockroach
04. Heavy Metal Clouds
05. Teardrop Guitar
06. She Splits Me Up
07. Me and My Machine Gun
08. Gimme Some Annihilation
09. Virgin
10. Un Chant D'Amour
“For me, Crocodiles represent everything I love about life-affirming Rock'n'Roll: they bring light out of darkness; they match reckless noise with the most beautiful melodies; they catch you off guard whilst sounding like the most perfect kind of right for the right here, right now.

They remind me of all the things I've loved but they also make me hungry for what I've not yet tasted.The claustrophobia and pain of the recent past is dealt with bravely and the road ahead is wide and open. It is all my favourite records playing at once; the trick to it being the truth; the truth being that great, life-affirming music must be bittersweet; anger is an energy that can be churned to positive. 

We who face the demons of derailment out to destroy dreams must harness the hate and turn it back on itself -- it is from this that great art is begat. And so these songs rage and chime at once, in organized chaos, like life. 

Charles and Brandon have been making music together since they were 18.  They met in the dirty glow of San Diego sun and now split their lives between New York City and London. Their music has grown up over the last decade just as they have. New blood in the form of producer Sune Rose Wagner of Raveonettes fame oversaw this recent endeavour and it was a quick, natural Los Angeles creation. Duncan Mills mixed for the third time, to maintain their catalogue lifeline.

Crimes Of Passion kicks off with "I Like It In The Dark," which could be their best to date; a joyous hymn to atheism and closes with the aching beauty of "Un Chant D'Amour," a simple and direct ode to heartbreak. These songs bookmark an album bursting with sounds inspired by the likes of the Soft Boys, Street Hassle era Lou Reed, the Notorious Byrd Brothers, the Jackson 5 and even Glenn Branca. This is certainly the most fully realised Crocodiles album to date. 

It is a sadly accepted impression that life is cooler in song, on screen, in art, or in poetry, but it is far superior when the creative process is fed back into real life and an album like Crimes Of Passion is borne. “
 Kristian Atkinson, Sonic Adventurer, United Kingdom 
22-Aug UK Chester The Compass
23-Aug UK Newcastle The Cluny 2
24-Aug UK Glasgow Broadcast
25-Aug UK Edinburgh Sneaky Petes
26-Aug UK Norwich Norwich Art Centre
27-Aug UK Leeds Brudenell Social Club
28-Aug UK Manchester The Ruby Lounge
29-Aug UK London Seabright Arms
30-Aug UK Bristol Start the Bus
31-Aug UK Larmer Tree End of the Road
02-Sep UK Brighton Sticky Mike's

19-Aug Julianna Barwick Nepenthe Dead Oceans CD/LP/DL
19-Aug Superchunk I Hate Music Merge CD/LP/DL
19-Aug Crocodiles Crimes Of Passion Zoo Music CD/LP/DL
19-Aug Rokk I Want To Live High  Numero/ JR.010 LP/DL
09-Sep Centaura Lawdy, Lawdy Lawd Numero /JR.011 LP/Digital
09-Sep Various Eccentric Soul: The Forte Label Numero 2LP/CD/DL
16-Sep The Dirtbombs Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-Blooey! In The Red CD/LP/DL
23-Sep Carlton Melton Always Even Agitated CD/LP/DL
23-Sep Unwound Kid Is Gone Numero 3xLP
07-Oct Fuzz Fuzz In The Red CD/LP/DL
19-Sep NL Amsterdam Winston
20-Sep BE Antwerp Trix
w/ White Manna + Psychic Ils
21-Sep BE Kortrijk De Kreun
w/ White Manna + Psychic Ils
22-Sep NL Tilburg Incubate Festival
24-Sep UK Brighton Green Door Store
w/ White Manna
25-Sep UK London Lexington
w/ Kandodo
26-Sep UK Bristol Exchange
w/ Telesscopes
27-Sep UK Liverpool Liverpool Psych Fest
Camp & Furnace
28-Sep UK Glasgow 13th Note
w/ Cosmic Dead
29-Sep UK Leeds Mono All-Dayer @ Brudenell
w/ Mugstar, White Manna,
Hookworms, Cold Pumas and more
02-Oct D Berlin Auster Club
w/ White Manna
03-Oct DK Copenhagen Stengade
w/ White Manna
04-Oct NO Oslo Blitz
w/ White Manna
05-Oct SE Stockholm Pysch Fest
w/ The Oscillation and Carlton Melton
Always Even' is released on 24th September via Agitated
29-Nov – 1-Dec UK Camber Sands  All Tomorrow's Parties
'End of an Era Pt. 2'
22-Aug UK Chester The Compass
23-Aug UK Newcastle The Cluny 2
24-Aug UK Glasgow Broadcast
25-Aug UK Edinburgh Sneaky Petes
26-Aug UK Norwich Norwich Art Centre
27-Aug UK Leeds Brudenell Social Club
28-Aug UK Manchester The Ruby Lounge
29-Aug UK London Seabright Arms
30-Aug UK Bristol Start the Bus
31-Aug UK Larmer Tree End of the Road
02-Sep UK Brighton Sticky Mike's
03-Sep FR Paris Le Nouveau Casino
05-Sep CH Zurich Elmo Delmo
06-Sep CH La Tour-de-Peilz NOX ORAE
07-Sep ES San Sebastian kutxa kultur festibala @ igeldo amusement park
10-Sep IT Milan Indie Summer Party @ Magnolia
11-Sep IT Turin Blah Blah
12-Sep IT Rome Black Out Rock ClubVia Casilina
13-Sep IT Padova Looop
14-Sep IT Marina di Ravenna Hana Bi
16-Sep AT Vienna Arena / Dreiraum
17-Sep AT Linz Posthof
19-Sep D Berlin Privatclub
20-Sep D Hamburg Indra
22-Sep DK Aarhus Radar
23-Sep DK Copenhagen Stengade 30
24-Sep NO Oslo Café Mono
25-Sep SE Stockholm Debaser Slussen
26-Sep FIN Helsinki Club Hori Smoku” @ Kuudes Linja
27-Sep SE Malmo Debaser
29-Sep NL Tilburg 13
30-Sep BE Brussels Rotonde Botanique
Crimes Of Passion' is released 19th August via Zoo Music
06-Aug UK London The Islington
Death Rattle Boogie' is OUT NOW via Hellsquad / Forte
27-Sep UK London The Dome
28-Sep UK Liverpool Psych Fest
(Trouble In Mind Stage)
Fuzz' is released on 7th October via In The Red
22-25-Aug UK Cardross Doune The Rabbit Hole Festival
Of This And Other Worlds' is OUT NOW via Rise Above Records
29-Aug UK London St Giles Church
31-Aug UK Dorset End of The Road (Tipi Stage,  4pm)
Nepenthe' is released 19th August via Dead Oceans
Lady Lamb The Beekeeper
30-Aug UK Cambridge Lodestar Festival
31-Aug UK Bangor Bangor Arts Festival @ Open House
01-Sep IRE Dublin Electric Picnic
08-Oct UK Manchester Night and Day
09-Oct UK Leeds Belgrave Music Hall
10-Oct UK Norwich Sound and Vision Festival
12-Oct UK Bristol Simple Things Festival
13-Oct UK Cambridge Portland Arms
14-Oct UK London Hoxton Square BK
15-Oct UK Brighton Sticky Mikes
Ripley Pine' is OUT NOW via Ba Da Bing Records
30-Nov UK Camber Sands ATP - End of An Era
Apr-14 NL Tilburg Roadburn Festival
25-Jul PT Lisbon Musicbox
26-Jul PT Barcelos Milhoes De Festa Festival
29-Jul ES Madrid El Sol
30-Jul ES San Sebastian Surfilm Festival
02-Aug PL Katowice OFF Festival
03-Aug NL Venlo Zomerparkfeest
04-Aug FR Binic Binic Festival
05-Aug FR Lorient Le Galion
06-Aug FR Bordeaux Relache Caserne Niel
07-Aug FR Paris Le Gibus
08-Aug D Haldern-Rees Haldern Pop Festival
09-Aug NO Oslo Oya Festivalen
10-Aug SE Gothenburg Way Out West Festival
11-Aug DK Copenhagen Pumpehuset
12-Aug D Hamburg Hafenklang
13-Aug NL Nijmegen Doornroosje
14-Aug NL Groningen Vera
15-Aug BE Hasselt Pukkelpop
16-Aug NL Biddinghuizen Lowlands Festival
17-Aug UK Skipton Beacons Festival
18-Aug UK Crickhowell Greenman Festival
19-Aug UK London Lexington
MCII' is OUT NOW via Merge Records
10-Aug UK Braziers Park Supernormal Festival
13-Sep UK Southsea Southsea Festival
28-Sep UK Liverpool Liverpool Psych Fest @
Camp and Furnace
30-Sep UK Leeds Mono Festival
06-Oct UK London The Shackwell Arms
24-Oct UK London London Psych Fest 
29-Nov -
01-Dec UK Camber Sands ATP: End Of An Era Part 2
03-Dec UK London Electric Ballroom
w/ Girls Against Boys
I Hate Music' is released on 19th August via Merge Records
13-Aug UK Edinburgh Liquid Room
14-Aug UK Belfast Limelight
15-Aug IRE Dublin Button Factory
16-Aug IRE Cork Cyprus Avenue
18-Aug UK Wales Green Man Festival
The Seer' is OUT NOW via Young God Records
23-25-Aug UK Reading/ Leeds Reading/ Leeds Festival
20-Nov FI Helsinki Hartwell Arena
22-Nov SE Stockholm Friends Arena
24-Nov NO Oslo Telenor Arena
26-Nov DK Copenhagen Forum
28-Nov NL Amsterdam Ziggo Dome
30-Nov D Dortmand Westfalenhalle
02-Dec F Paris Bercy
04-Dec D Frankfurt Festhalle
07-Dec CZ Prague O2 Arena
10-Dec UK London O2 Arena
12-Dec UK Belfast Odyssey Arena
14-Dec UK Sheffield Motorpoint Arena
16-Dec UK Glasgow Hydro
18-Dec UK Manchester Arena Manchester Arena
20-Dec UK Birmingham LG Arena
22-Dec UK Birmingham National Indoor Arena
Mind Control' is OUT NOW via Rise Above
01-Aug D Berlin Kantine
02-Aug PL Katowice Off Festival
03-Aug A Vienna Flex
04-Aug D Nürnberg Folk im Park
06-Aug D Köln King Georg
07-Aug CRO Šibenik Terraneo festival
10-Aug FIN Helsinki Flow Festival
14-Aug L Luxemburg Exit07
15-Aug F Paris Plage de Glazart
16-Aug F St Malo La Route du Rock
18-Aug UK Crickhowell Greenman Festival
19-Aug UK London Hoxton Bar & Kitchen
Bend Beyond' is OUT NOW via Woodsist
27-Jul UK Slaidburn, Lancashire Cloudspotting
Stephen Park
18-Aug UK Skipton Beacons Festival
14-Oct MA Boston Brighton Music Hall*
15-Oct CA Montreal Cabaret Mile End*
16-Oct CA Tortonto Lee's Palace*
17-Oct MI Detroit Magic Stick Lounge*
18-Oct OH Columbus Ace of Cups*
19-Oct PA Pittsburgh Altar*
* w/ Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Fain' is OUT NOW via Jagjaguwar
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