IAHF List: Please watch this excellent cartoon video which someone sent me yesterday. Its fun, and it explains some history that we all must be aware of as our currency is being systematically vaporized and taken down to zero.

If you haven't carefully examined the alert I sent out yesterday  please do, and please take special notice of this very well researched economic analysis You can learn about this firm and about the solid track record of Porter Stansbury in making very accurate economic predictions at their site.

I paid his fee and got several reports from him that I feel offer very solid investing advice, but I'm running on fumes barely putting food in my mouth. Whatcom County sent me a letter telling me they've reassessed my property and their gonna jack up my taxes. Well they can't squeeze blood from a stone!

One thing I am is a world class survivor. My survival instincts were honed to a razor's edge years ago when I used to deliver yachts up and down the eastern seaboard. I've survived hurricanes at sea in which boats in our vicnity went to the bottoms and all hands were lost.

I've been humbled by these experiences. There are no athiests aboard a small boat at sea in a storm when waves taller than your mast are breaking over the whole boat and you're forced to hove to streaming warps and a sea anchor to try to keep your bow into the wind.

Those of you who know my personal story of recovery from a life threatening illness 32 years ago via orthomolecular medicine after mainstream medicine almost killed me have come to trust my judgement and many of you have been on the IAHF list since I started it in 1996, 15 years ago.

After I got out of the clutches of the Pharma Cartel, the way I healed was by building boats and by doing a lot of blue water sailing. The lessons I learned from doing that work have stood me in good stead during these years of fighting big pharma, and jousting with scum on Capital Hill.

Within the past year I pulled one foot out of the grave to reverse yet another life threatening condition, prediabetes- I went from 246 lbs down to 190 finally figuring out how to lose weight. I have all that information in this blog which might benefit some of you. My goal in the coming year from a health standpoint is to not only survive the coming economic crash, but to THRIVE DESPITE it, and to get into the best shape of my life- physically, spiritually, and emotionally!


I know that some of you are very discerning people who know the TRUTH when you see it. I know that you know the information in this cartoon is all too accurate. I feel sure that right now some of you are very soberly examining the alert I sent out yesterday as well as the information in this analysis by Porter Stansbury.
Some of you are asking yourselves very good questions such as "Is it safe to be here in (New York City, Los Angeles, San Diego, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, Chicago) or any OTHER big city if we're truly in fact on the brink of a major economic collapse?
Wouldn't it make sense for me to ponder some much safer place to move to either here in the US or abroad? The Pentagon, which is clearly anticipating martial law here in America has been conducting wargames called "Unified Quest". Glenn Beck talked about this here. 
You can see this urban warfare military exercise that took place in Oakland California and I sure hope you can see how chillingly accurate Porter Stansbury's alert is in light of it. This is NO JOKE, people, are YOU READY?  Are you SURE you're ready?
Theres a lot of very wealthy people right now who clearly see the writing on the wall who have already left the country seeking such safe havens as the one in Argentina that Stansbury talks about.
I realize most of you are like me, and you don't have options like this so you have to do your best to make do right where you are, even if that happens to be a big city.
Well if you find yourself in a big city, take heart and read on, you're not doomed, there are ALWAYS things you can do to better your situation in the face of a threat like this.
When I read the information Stansbury has in the special reports he sent me it bothers me a lot that I lack the financial ability to even BEGIN to implement his suggestions. I sure wish I had some capital right now because I could do a lot with it if I did. For example, I could actually come out of this collapse doing QUITE WELL financially, maybe even well enough to open and office on Capital Hill and to employ a full time STAFF there (assuming somehow our country survives.)
Things could improve to the point where I wouldn't have to BEG for donations for air tickets to get to DC to do my health freedom work, I'd have PLENTY of money for getting there when I need to if I could utilize Stansbury's tips.
So heres my idea: I've got the following 5 reports from Stansfield:
1. Research Report:
    The 4 Investment Assets You Do NOT Have to Report to the U.S. Government.
2. Research Report: The Gold Investor's Bible
3. Research Report: Secrets of the Silver Market.
4. Research Report: The Stock Quitter's Secret –
     The Easiest Way in the Markets to Make 100%. 
5. Research Report: The World's Most Valuable Asset in a Time of Crises.
If you got these from Stansfield, you'd be paying him $49.50, plus you'd get his newsletter. Well you might want to do that, and if you do, you can sign up at his website.
You can also get them from me for just $25., and for an extra $75. ($100. total donation)
I can also send you a special report that includes information about a book that will help you make choices if you want to relocate to a safer place.
My report also includes information about organic gardening- the techniques I've had the best success with, the best sources of heirloom seeds, how to provide physical security for yourself and your family in the event of martial law (with or without a firearm), and (perhaps most importantly) how you can organize your local community so that everyone can work together for not just survival, but so you can all turn this lemon into LEMONADE!!!
I've got information about how you can create a Local Economy Trading System the way they have in the Berkshire mountains of Massachusetts and in many other parts of the country and the world as a way of insulating themselves from economic fallout. (If enough people organized these systems the Federal Reserve would be well and truly SCREWED!!! I love thinking about THAT!!)
You might wonder what qualifies me to generate this sort of survival information? I've lived on a self sufficient coop farm in Vermont where we grew all our food for 100 people and we also made maple syrup as a cash crop. I also spent several years surviving along coastal Maine living in very rural communities including living in an abandoned cabin without any electricity or running water on the shore of the Bay of Fundy on Moose Isand right on the Canadian border.

 I've lived in a commune in Floyd, Virginia where we grew a big organic garden and was part of a LETS system there where we created our own local currency, not trusting the Federal Reserve. In Virginia I was also part of a coop farm called Seven Springs Farm where I learned to do canning.

I'm the son of a US Navy SEAL who taught me survival skills from an early age, and I was an Eagle scout. My scoutmaster was a Green Beret who did two tours in Vietnam. I've had a lot of backpacking, canoeing and wilderness survival experience and survived a tree falling on me during a canoe trip which put me into a body cast with multiple broken bones. Had an out of body experience from that one.

I've also lived in New York City, Los Angeles, Hartford CT, near Miami FL so I've had urban survival experience too. Right now I live in Point Roberts, rural coastal Washington State where I grow an organic garden, have a green house, raise chickens, and do a lot of crabbing and salmon fishing.

This is information you'd be hard pressed to find anywhere else, and it would truly be a win/win because you'd learn what you need to do to protect yourself financially, as well as physically, and you'd be helping me to do the same insuring that IAHF will still be around to help you after the dust settles! Anyone who accepts this offer will also have access to me by phone and email as their personal consultant.
So, if you'd like to do this, you can send your donation to me via paypal or by sending a check or money order to IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281 USA
Theres safety in numbers.... please forward this widely, and do what you can to wake up your neighbors! Lets do all we can in the coming congress to support those members who are trying to save us from the coming disaster. America right now is truly on the edge of a cliff. Prayer is in order. One hand for the ship, one hand for yourself!!  The SEALS motto is applicable here: "Move, Adapt, or Die!"