IAHF List: Please tune me in today, October 15th at 5PM Pacific time, 8 PM Eastern time on FreedomFighterRadio.net - freedomfighterradio@comcast.net where I'll be discussing Codex, the FDA's Trilateral Corporation charter and related threats to our liberties and what you can do to fight back!! Talkcast ID: 18976

If you miss the show you can hear the archive via instructions below, and I also have some new breaking news below that we'll be discussing that you won't want to miss!!!

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Please let me know if you have RSVPed with the organizors listed at the website below to participate for the Marches for America listed at this link  http://mfa.allamericanpodcaster.com/ and if you can get more people to participate! We're going to be simultaneously holding marches on November  in Los Angeles CA, Sacramento CA, Las Vegas NV, Yakima WA, Houston TX, and Atlanta GA on November 17th in opposition to the North American Union, the Security & Prosperity Partnership of North America, Codex and FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter

This is YOUR CHANCE to help save America, folks! Its time to get off our butts, roll up our sleeves, and take this battle to the streets! Please discuss this with everyone you know. Doesn't matter what their political affiliation or lack thereof is. This is for ALL the marbles, its to defend our Constitution, and ALL of our most deeply cherished liberties! We oppose the Neocon Traitors who have HIJACKED our country. We oppose the World Ruling Elite who seek to enslave us!

Do not look to me to be your savior, I am one guy, talking to you from an office in the front of my house. Please join me in the street, and please send IAHF a donation to help me get to the March in Atlanta, and to DC for more lobbying against FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter as I'm working very hard behind the scenes to get more help from other groups so its not just IAHF spearheading this effort. By dovetailing with Jonnie Crivello and Jim Stach of March for America we're doing our best to catalyze the sleeping Giant, the American People!

For your donation I'll be glad to send you one or more autographed Pocket Constitutions that you can give out to friends and family to inspire them to join us in our battle for FREEDOM!

IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281

or via paypal at http://www.iahf.com/index1.html

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