Fukushima Reactor 4- Earthquake Could Cause                                                       Got Sulfur?
Collapse- Global Catastrophy- Building is Listing
Noted Seismologist Predicting Major Earthquake
In or Around Tokyo in Next 4 Years
IAHF List:
There's more cesium in that Reactor #4 Fuel pool than in all 800 Nuclear bombs ever exploded above ground. What can we do to protect ourselves if there is an earthquake causes this pool, which is only 100' above sea level, is uncontained and open to the elements and very close to the ocean to drain? The building is listing now as it collapses... This could result in a catastrophic nuclear fire that could impact all life on earth. Unlike Chernobyl, where they built a sarcophagus over the damaged reactor to protect people from fallout, this damaged building is totally exposed, and radiation levels around metro Tokyo have been steadily continuing to rise.
Implications for all of us downwind in North America cannot be ignored. The pool holding these fuel rods is structurally damaged, and ready to give way because a hydrogen explosion blew the roof off the building, which is now listing and ready to give way....
Now we have University of Tokyo seismologist Sanichi Sakai predicting a 70% chance of a major earthquake in or around Tokyo in the next four years...
Not all of us can move south of the equator where the nuclear fallout wouldn't be as bad...There is no telling what could happen if this earthquake were to occur and the nuclear fuel pool drained into the ocean... It could kill millions from contaminated air and groundwater.
The Orthomolecular News Service just released 

Fukushima Radiation Release is Worse than You Have Been Told What You Can Do to Protect Yourself

The Japanese College of Intravenous Therapy has released a series of four videos that you can watch in this article which make a powerful case for protecting ourselves from radiation using Vitamin C and other supplements.
Organic Sulfur is a powerful way to protect from radiation. Sulfur sulfates radiation turning it into harmless sulfate by absorbing the electrons coming into the outer orbit of its atomic structure.
After the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, many survived by drinking a lot of Miso soup which is made from sea cucumbers that are full of sulfur. Garlic, cilantro, and pine lignans also contain a lot of sulfur. My sulfur is made from pine lignans from Louisiana that are turned into DMSO which is distilled into Methyl Sulfonyl Methane. Would you have enough sulfur on hand if the worst happened? What would you do if there was an Earthquake near Fukushima that caused the Reactor #4 Fuel Pool to melt down, contaminating the ocean? This would impact everyone in the world!

Pub Med US Gov Database -

" The inclusion of various sulfur-containing functions in organic molecules yielded compounds having whole-body radiation protection from lethal doses of gamma-radiation in animals."
Ann Pharmacother. 1992 p;26(9):1144-7.
Numerous other studies on Pub Med similarly attest to the protective properties of sulfur. As discussed previously, most MSM on the market, sold in health food stores doesn't work well. It is quadruple heated to 486 degrees, the sulfur crystals are damaged, and it's almost biologically inert. Sadly, this includes the three most commonly sold brands- Opti, Cardinal, and Rich- which are often private labelled under other names. You just never know what you are buying in a health food store and you can NEVER trust ANY MSM sold in Capsules because the silicon dioxide in the capsules DE-ACTIVATES IT!
Between Fukushima Radiation, and toxic chemtrails being sprayed by aircraft, we are all living under an unprecedented level of biological assault, but we're not powerless to protect ourselves! If an earthquake occurs, perhaps with another Tsunami that causes the Reactor #4 fuel pool to collapse into the sea, will you and your family be ready to protect yourselves?