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The newsletter of the Scotland Island Residents Association  -  Vol 2, Issue 22 October 2001








This special edition of the newsletter reflects the answers put to all the contactable candidates in the forthcoming federal election by a small committee of SIRA. No editorial comment is made, and only small parts of the text have been edited due to size constraints. If you wish to contact the participants in this discussion you may do so using the email addresses shown at the bottom of this newsletter, or by clicking on their party website, or by phone. The answers are shown in the order they were returned. Some candidates did not respond....

Question 1:

How do you see yourself relating to the people of Mackellar and how will you assist in meeting the specific needs and issues that affect our area?


ALP - Ben Carpentier

Having lived in Mackellar for 17 years and grown up in the area, I feel that I've got a good relationship with the area. To get a better relationship with the people, I've been door knocking, speaking at forums and local community group meetings, and talking to people in shops and outside shopping centres. I've also received several emails from people in Mackellar, which I've replied to with the best of my ability.
The best way I see to meet the needs of the area is to get out there, listen to people and their concerns, as well as be available for them in my capacity as a representative, and then attempt to address them by representing their issues in parliament. That's what the job's all about. However, there must be a balance between representing the constituents, and putting forward my positions on issues so that they can be voted on.

GREENS - Andrea Pape

I identify with Mackellar because most of us are attracted to the area’s natural beauty.  We value space, clean air and water, and the ability to still live in close proximity to natural vegetation and the wildlife it attracts. I am finding that many residents in this area are, like me, worried about the escalation of development approvals, especially in Pittwater.  I have worked closely with Lee Rhiannon (state Greens MP) and the Avalon community to halt inappropriate building in the area, and this issue has been raised in state parliament. I have been involved in many community groups around Mackellar, and I am proud to be standing for a grassroots political party such as The Greens.  These are strange times, and our lives seem increasingly influenced by foreign governments, corporations and events.  I think that in order to achieve a balance, I would like to see more power put back into the hands of the community.

DEMOCRATS - Vicki Dimond

Because I have been the local Democrat Candidate in the past 5 elections and most recently (two years ago) elected as an independent Pittwater Councillor, I feel I have had a comprehensive exposure to the concerns of the people who live here. I have learned a lot in 6 years of political and community involvement and this has come from listening. The range of federal, state and local government issues that I have gleaned from local residents as having particular importance include:

Retaining our Hospital and increasing its services (particularly a palliative care unit)

Upgrading Mona Vale Road – In response to 12 deaths that have occurred on the road in 6 years and to address the obvious incapacity of the road to cope with current traffic (let alone the increases due to development of the Warriewood valley)

People in Mackellar want to maintain the amenity of the area. This means they are looking for representatives that appreciate the sensitivity of our local environment. Other issues close to the heart of locals include:

- no telephone towers close to schools preschools and hospitals
- increased public transport with a train or light rail service to Narrabeen and increased bus services further north, and to connect the area with the south west (particularly to Macquarie University)
- Increased opportunities for our young people to socialise close to home at night and funding for sporting activities close to home during the day.
- National concentration on issues that include – reconciliation and the preservation of the global environment.

A good federal MP would be addressing or lobbying for change to all of these areas, and I make a promise to do just that with all I can muster. I can also see that people want an ability to converse with their elected representative – making myself available to listen to Mackellar constituents directly and acting on their concerns would be of the highest priority to me, if elected as your local member – as it should be.


My interest in standing in this federal election is to eventually create a new federal political party which I plan to name the New Deal Party of Australia. If I am successful,  I plan  to contest the 2004 federal election with the view to forming a government and  implementing the policies of New Deal, Number One.

It is a sad fact that politics and morality have nothing in common, what is the average politician? The average politician is amoral, an intellectual prostitute, whereas the prostitute trades in sexual favours and politician trades in political favours and this is why Australia is in its current mess. 

If I am elected on November the 10th, I will search this Nation for 149 good and honest men and women to form a wise government which will restore the reward of labour, restore the traditional family unit, rebuild the manufacturing industry from the ground up and repeal every unjust law that endows rights and privileges on sections of society which are based upon race, gender or sexual preference.

I promise the Australian people nothing but hard work, a fair reward for their labour, a government that will treat them justly and will not have favourite sons or daughters and will give every child the best chance of being born into a family where there is both father and mother to love them.

If you would like more information on the New Deal please visit my web site at:


Question 2:

Pittwater is a major national and international destination for tourists. Residents care a great deal about their environment. 

(1)   What will you do, if elected, to improve the pollution outflow into Pittwater. Scotland Island is unsewered, has unsealed roads and virtually no drainage. This causes a major pollution problem after periods of rain. 

(2)   Would you consider providing additional federal funds for specific projects to protect and enhance our local environment?



ALP - Ben Carpentier

The environment is a huge concern in Mackellar, because not only do we have some of the most beautiful stretches of beach and coastal areas, but we also have the Pittwater, and the National Park lands. We are in a unique position, because we have all this beauty, and in some areas
an almost rural lifestyle, but are still within a close proximity to Sydney. If there is a pollution problem being caused by Scotland Island's lack of resources, then obviously this would have to be addressed, within the guidelines of Priority (are there other environmental concerns more
immediate requiring attention?), Cost Effectiveness (could money spent solving the problem have solved a greater environmental problem elsewhere in Mackellar?) and Impact on the standard of living of the people of Scotland Island.
I am of the understanding that the people of Scotland Island live there  because they have made an alternate lifestyle choice, preferring the community atmosphere and separation of the island. It would be a shame to overdevelop Scotland Island and put the quality of life that the Islanders seek at risk. So there would have to be a balance, so as to maintain the lifestyle of Scotland Island, while simultaneously helping to protect the Pittwater from pollution.
To this end, it would be my job to consider what could be done on a federal level to help protect our local environment, which would in turn protect the businesses that rely on tourism to our area, and also keep the area safe and clean for those of us who live here to enjoy, both now and in the future.

GREENS - Andrea Pape

One of the goals of The Greens’ Water Policy is to stop the discharge of untreated sewage into aquatic systems.  I would work to achieve this by
  • improving catchment management.
  • subsidising progressive sewage technologies which maximise the capacity to re-use sewage by-products.  This can be paid for by taxing polluting industries.
  • Providing for full public participation in decisions about water, drainage and sewage.  I will work to maintain major water supply, distribution, drainage and disposal systems in public ownership.

The rest of the national water policy can be found on The Greens website www.greens.org.au.

I believe that protection and management of the environment requires federal, state and local programs to achieve uniform national water quality standards.  Being involved in stormwater education projects in Warringah, I am well aware of the detrimental effect that pollution can have on our waterways. I would like to see direct federal funding for water quality programs, such as sewage and stormwater amelioration. I would introduce tax incentives for research and development of better stand-alone sewage technology that doesn’t pollute the environment, as well as subsidies to reduce the sales price of such technology.  This kind of pressure should be applied to the fossil fuel, agriculture and building industries.  In this way it is possible to improve the state of the environment while encouraging economic growth, more sustainable consumer choices and the development of progressive technologies and business practice.

DEMOCRATS - Vicki Dimond

I am well aware of the situation on Scotland Island and would certainly work to secure funding to address pollution problems, drainage and unsealed roads (in that order) in consultation with residents.

I am also very keen to look into how parking problems may be best addressed for residents.

As the elected federal MP for Mackellar it would become my job to secure federal (and lobby for state) funding for local projects. This would be achieved through hard work if elected into a house that has an absolute Majority. It would be done through less strenuous negotiation if elected as a member who fell into the balance of power and who would then be assisting one side or the other to form government.
Generally I would like to add:

A thanks to SIRA for the opportunity to speak to you through this medium. I would also like to say that I am more than happy to be contacted by phone on 0410311204 or 9979 4251 to answer any individual questions you may have. I would also like to thank your community for making me your preferred choice in the last general election where I polled the highest vote from the Scotland Island polling booth. Finally I would like to ask you all for help. There will be one lone Democrat supporter handing out how to vote cards at the Scotland Island booth from 8am to 6pm on Saturday 10 November if you feel you can give them a hand or a break please let me know on 0410 311204.

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