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Summer-July Gardening
All Together Make “The Season”

Seasonal living is quite easy and many do without being totally aware.

With a wee bit of thought through understanding one can perfect the idea/action and simplify a season beyond the imagination.

How freeing is it to know what’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a party-without stressing over all the options available in the super-markets.

One question…what is growing, you’ll be amazed what is growing locally and what can be crafted from said products.

My hubby and I recently made a dedicated search of organic, free range, vegan, and otherwise all health conscious farms, co-ops, and restaurants within 75 miles of our farm. Amazing is what we found…so many more options than we ever dreamed would be….I dare say you will find more than you expect …my point being-one does not have to grow a garden or live in the just right location to ‘eat and live in season.’

Update on our School Garden Project coming soon….the school starting date is late August.

Summer Projects…

Do you have children or perhaps yourself looking for a fun and rewarding activity to help fill the summer gap? Swimming, movies, zoo’s, and malls…they all get old and boring after so many replays…try something new and exciting…Take a Cooking Class! My friend Joyce Giffin at takes you through the full course (pun intended) from simple manners to a ‘be comfortable no matter what’ experience. You and the kids will fall in love…!
This is where you want to be this Saturday… if only long enough to discover who Bertha is and how she can play a very charming role in your day~ We all have days and weeks full of work, have to projects, and stressful activity-Bertha can bring laughter and calming reality to a day with only a few words.

A Tip… October classes on GMO’s and how to live around them if being healthy is your goal. More info in the September newsletter….keep watch ~

To my local peeps… the new Low Cost SAAW (Southern Alliance for Animal Welfare) clinic is open and doing a landmark business in Lincoln, County.

Located at 2703 Huntsville Hwy in Park City…… phone…..931-433-0120 for any info you may have about your pets around spay and neuter issues.

Keep in mind also…if you are looking for a community project to get involved with…I would be delighted to hear from you. It’s a way to give back, accomplish good, and not be over-burdened with time and responsibility issues. Let’s talk!!

The only company I trust to supply us with products that really work…for our barn cats and for ‘us.’ We live in a virtual “bite free” zone by using products from
And, they are healthy and safe-the best ~

In gratitude for summer season, plenty rain, loving family and ‘you.’
The Sage Hill Farms Family~
Sage Hill Herb Farm