T H E   B E S T   N E W   W O M E N   P O E T S
for 20 years

* A Momentous Year for Perugia Press *
Dear Supporters and Poetry Enthusiasts,
After much reflection, I have decided to step down as director of Perugia Press. I founded the press in 1997, and have produced one book each year for 20 years. (The 20th book, Guide to the Exhibit, by Lisa Allen Ortiz, will be released in September.) Leaving an organization that I conceived of, built, and led to its current success is not easy.
The press began as a one-book experiment, and then we went on to publish books that earned national acclaim. Our goal from the start was to give a leg-up to women at the beginning of their publishing careers. Wonderfully, many of our poets have published more books, won poetry prizes, and been hired to teach creative writing. Read the whole story on our website. I’m proud of my work here.
Between now and November, when we will celebrate Perugia Press’s 20th anniversary (save the date, November 12th), I will be transitioning out of the job while training, welcoming, and introducing Rebecca Hart Olander, who will be taking over as director of the press.
Of all the people in the world, I couldn’t ask for a more worthy, talented, and passionate replacement. Becky has served on the board of Perugia Press for many years, screened and judged manuscripts for our contest, and is already underway making Perugia-related plans for 2017 and beyond. She teaches at Westfield State University in Massachusetts, has experience in publishing and editing, and is a poet herself. Becky is just what the press needs to re-energize for the next decades!
Except she could use your help, of course. During this 20th year for the press, during this interim time, we would love a vote of confidence from our fans and supporters in the form of a donation. Perugia Press relies on contributions from you to keep up our good work.
With huge gratitude for reading our books, submitting your manuscripts, and offering donations, I send you this news. I couldn’t have done it without you. I wouldn’t have done it without you.
Susan Kan


You're invited!
Please come celebrate our 20th anniversary
November 10-15, 2016

 Join us for readings by Perugia poets.
Join us for conversations about creativity, curiosity, translation, ekphrasis, work, and more.

Stay tuned for details. Save the dates.

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