12 February 2014

Concerning ANC Youth League Western Cape Press Statement regarding Primedia (Pty) Limited

We deeply regret the error made in our previous press statement and retract the paragraph: "Primedia, often a critic of the ANC, had Nathan Kirsh’s nephew, William Kirsh as it’s CEO. We wonder whether Primedia and its LeadSA campaign will come out definitively condemning Nathan Kirsh’s involvement in Israel’s illegal Apartheid Wall and his backing of Agang and the DA through profits made from criminal Israeli activity. In the absence of a critical voice from Primedia we as the ANC Youth League will expose and ensure democracy, transparency and rule of law."

The paragraph was informed by online resources that still erroneously state William Kirsh and Issie Kirsh’s involvement in Primedia (for example, see: (

We have subsequently been informed by Primedia that the Kirsh’s are not involved anymore in Primedia. We thank Primedia for bringing this to our attention, regret any inconvenience caused to Primedia and also value that Primedia sought to clarify the issue and distanced themselves.

The ANC Youth League remains shocked to learn of media reports that the “mysterious funder” behind the DA-Agang Merger was Nathan Kirsh, the director and owner of Israel’s Magal Security Systems which is complicit in the construction of Israel’s illegal Apartheid Wall. We are equally shocked to have learnt through media reports that Kirsh funded the legal bills of Glynnis Breytenbach, the DA’s parliamentary candidate.

The focus of our press statement was on the DA’s connection to the Israeli imperialist agenda through Nathan Kirsh and we should never have brought Primedia into this.

Issued by:

Muhammad Khalid Sayed

ANC Youth League Western Cape Provincial Task Team (PTT) Convenor     

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